What's Your Resolution for Today (Feb 16) - a Healthy STEEM Distribution Activity

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Steemit-Health wants to pay you to improve your life.

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@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

"I started steemit-health to motivate myself and others to achieve their health goals. The mission is to develop simple and convenient applications that integrate health right into the Steemit experience. The healthier we all are individually, the more successful the Steemit community will be as a whole." - @dan-atstarlite

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Eat something healthy!!

Finish my next Surfing Experience :


Start to figure out my taxes

All you're doing is helping pedophiles launder their dirty ass money. #PizzaGate #PedoGate

But, slaves will be slaves.

Only on the surface;)

To not believe everything I hear

To rest and get rid of this cold.

Stay out of graveyard as long as I can.


Refrain watching KDramas.

Create a new t-shirt and post it.

Have a good night sleep

Stop thinking so much.

more walks in the fresh air

Make a good post

enjoy the beautiful day


Work a little less.

Keep spreading whistleblower DONALD MARSHALL awareness.

Do more exercise.

Oh, I almost forgot, I need to start the first day of my 100 pushups challenge (using knuckles since my wrists seriously start hurting if I do it palms against the floor).

I use the Down and Give Me 20 (nhundredthings/DGMT) android app on my Jolla phone to keep track of my progress.

Going to do my first set (since ages ago) now.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of palms against the floor either. Push-up handle grips are pretty good investment!

Try to eat healthy, avoid flours

Yeah, especially white flour! I get healthy quick when I cut that out

If that's what I mean wheat flour 000 and its derivatives, I tend to gain weight and every so often I make a diet of carbohydrates, is the only one that I find.
Excellent work you and your team do, congratulations

GO for a workout

Earlier night

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To sleep well

go home

get out

To enjoy a little cycling.

Get back to exercising daily! :)

Finish things ive started...

Try to see which Ubuntu Linux version works better.

Eating some quality Pasta!

more rest less stress