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@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

"I started steemit-health to motivate myself and others to achieve their health goals. The mission is to develop simple and convenient applications that integrate health right into the Steemit experience. The healthier we all are individually, the more successful the Steemit community will be as a whole." - @dan-atstarlite

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I'm greatful for the nice sun today :)

I am thankful that I could buy milk today. I did not find milk for several weeks, due to the shortages that we live in Venezuela.


That's crazy... hard to imagine what you're going though... but maybe we'll all be going though this sooner or later. Enjoy your milk today!


Thank you.


wish you to have milk every day!!


Thank you.


Please remain strong...we are all pulling for you!!


Thank you.


I am Thankful that you were able to meet this need today, @nenio. I send positive loving energies in support of things becoming easier for you & your family (as well as all Venezuelans).

Much Love to you & yours <3


Thank you.

For a beautifully inspiring walk with my family around our local botanical gardens 🌳

First, I'm thankful for finding this awesome project by @steemit-health.

Secondly, I'm thankful for freeing myself from religious and tribal sentiment today.

Thanks for this project. It's a nice one.

I am thankful for your one minute meditation post. I believe it is an amazing practice and everyone should at least give it a go.

Thankfully for being alive, hopefully being able to help people


Fibonacci is even found on Steemit... nice!

I'm thankful for this community. I've found some awesome information on here today.

I'm thankful for the game of life

For Sigur Ros playing tonight again, beyond excited!

It was a great day outside spent in an excellent company.


For a nice photographic session today

I'm thankful for being alive

Im thankful I just hit 100 Followers today! Resteemed


you have 1 more follower now :)


thanks! ill return the favor

Thankful for having a nice lunch!!

I am thankful that I've been a part of the Steemit community for one month now!

Sunny Days!!

for patience of my husband

Today I am most thankful for a healthy dinner

thankful for my friends


For my amazing daughter, the pride of my life!

Thankful I remembered to bring lunch!

Thankful for the Weekend!! Time to visit Chillzville 😎

Of the arrival of another weekend

I am thankful that I can enjoy watching birds right from my kitchen window.

Thankful for people like you.

for steemit :)

for the grill

Today it's Dark chocolate. Oh boy. Love it.

The fact that it is Friday, and we have free sushi at the office.

I'm thankful for having gained another 3 followers on steemit today

I am thankful for the people in my life who motivate and inspire me to be better and work harder.

Congratulations @steemit-health!
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Thankful for steemit health

Thankful for a beautiful day.

Thankful for being healthy!

I am thankful for this wonderful and succesful day - the weather was sunny and warm :)

I am thankful that my wife, a chef, took me to lunch at her, also a chef friends'' restaurant.
What a lucky guy I am.

Thankful for a long weekend

I am grateful for the first ripe berries in my garden.

I am thankful for being able to work from home.

for the morning coffee

I am thankful to have a home to live ,and food and some facilities. AND of corse thankful for my health:!!!!

My mates 80 th birthday party tonight.

Me and my family just went to play soccer in mexico it was very fun.

Thankful for the love I have for my husband

I'm thankful for the several inches of rain we've had today.

I am thankful for warm winter coats :)

Thankful the us ending so beautifully.

I'm thankful for my nice solar powered watch.

☕. Coffee

I am thankful to having good friends on steemit.

I am thankful that the Dr.'s spotted Dad's aneurysm before it was too late. I pray & trust that we will receive an appt for his surgery quickly and that all will go well, including a full & speedy recovery.

Thankful for having a loving family.

Thankful for steemit-health and all that they do!

thankful for an unexpected turn of events and a pleasant surprise!

I'm thankful that I've learned not to give up.

long hair

I'm thankful to live in a time when all of the information humanity has possesion of can be found online. To be able to inform myself of our reality with out it being filtered through ego, academic careers and the common narrative.

The internet has alowed me to become abuntantly healthy. To change my diet, exercise, habits, sleep and basic lifestyle to optimize my experience of life

I am thankful I feel happy and loved right now.

Thankful that it is Friday!

For some psychological insides:)

Extremely thankful that my job allows me to take paid time off when I am sick. Not so thankful about being sick! But even that cloud has a silver lining - I'm able to spend some downtime at home snuggled on the lounge with my dog.

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I am thankful for a pleasant day, completion of a report and the peace I enjoy from the chickens, garden and nature. It makes for a nice wind down after work. Ahh.

Thankful for a beautiful day.

I am honestly thankful for every breath I took today. I just finished working a busy 12 hour shift and since I'm a RRT( registered respiratory therapist) , I work with people who struggle for every breath. It's definetly sowmthjng we takefor granted.

I am thankful for my positive attitude and mental health :) it was a rough day but I/we made it!!!

Thankful for peace and quiet

Thankful for my husband's hard work and making manager ....

After reading @nenio's reply of being thankful to be able to find milk, I am reminded of how thankful I am to live in America. We have our flaws but we are still free and brave. God bless America and God bless those living in countries where they cannot buy what they need. God bless you, @nenio. Praying for you today.

thankfull for a good evening

Thankful for life

I am thank full for making it home today after being gone on business for 2 weeks. Sleeping in my own bed is going to be amazing.

Thankful for steemit health

I'm getting a new table tennis bat

thankful for the supportive people in steemit ;-) The motivation is moving from the my recent post <3

I am thankful for the wild garlic that I found and harvested today. It's always fun to find free food and connect with the plants around me!

That today is the first day of a two day weekend. I really needed a break from hustle and bustle of work!

I am thankful for STEEM and @Suppoman

area prize

Im thankful for zicam..im getting sick

thankful for a relaxing weekend

I'm thankful for getting my internet connection back.

A warm bed to sleep in tonight

We have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for a good job

I am thankful that I did not receive a ticket, when stopped by a highway patrol late June 2nd for 1 burned out headlight, no drivers license in possession, and ......eh......hem no current proof of insurance.

I am thankful the trooper was not an arrogant a**hole.

The interaction even shook loose a future post.

"All is good in the world"


For being part of this community! :)

thankful for the garden!

thankful for the wonderful things i discover on steemit everyday

I am thankful for Android phones

for the sunshine

Keep Healthy @steemit-health

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I'm grateful to the bright sun