What Are You Thankful For Today? (August 20) - Participate For A Chance To Win STEEM

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That's right!!!

You could win STEEM just for being thankful!

@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

"I started steemit-health to motivate myself and others to achieve their health goals. The mission is to develop simple and convenient applications that integrate health right into the Steemit experience. The healthier we all are individually, the more successful the Steemit community will be as a whole." - @dan-atstarlite

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not rushing

Thankful to my mom

Today i am thankful for Steem price recovery...

I Love Steem :)

My family and friends health and happyness

My coming baby

Congratulations :)

My family and friends health and happiness

loud music :)

Right! I totally feel you @owenwat. What kind of music do you like?

A nice lunch and punt down the river Cam with family

Thankful for my friends

Right on :)

Congrats! For being thankful!!!... and also for winning Steem Dollars from this post!

You were selected randomly as the winner based on a public lottery number

Thankful for this gorgeous weather!

Niiiiiice :) I hope you had an awesome day enjoying the weather @fishyculture

I'm thankful for steak on the barbecue

Delish! :)

thank you for this post @steemit-health it is really encouraging well today i am thankful for the life that i have for the amazing brain that god gave me ;)

Right On @thegoldenphoenix :) Have a wonderful evening

Thankful for the evening

Do you like to look up at the stars @trendo? I love the evening as well. It's very comforting and meditative.

For my upcoming trip to see my wife and daughters in FL

Good friends. When the world seems the darkest, your best friends will carry you.

Thankful for Monday!

Thankful for my health today

Thankful for life.

That is so refreshing @yaanivapeji :)

I am thankful for life too, and although it might sound silly - I truly am Thankful that you are thankful for life as well - you have truly made my evening my friend. Have a great night!

Wow, amazing. Thank you.

My pleasure. You are very welcome :)

I hope you have a wonderful day & week!

For positivity !

Yesssssss!!!! Hi-fives & High Vibes!!!!

Today i am thankful for sunshine.

Thankful because my friends visited me =)


Thankful to be near the eclipse. Driving (hopefully) into the path of totality tomorrow, if traffic jams don't interfere. Crossing fingers for good weather but forecast is for clouds.

For good music.


For food on table.

I'm thankful for the creation of a bed

lol I agree - there's nothing like a nice cozy comfortable bed to relax and regenerate :)

Have a wonderful evening @arckrai

Today I am grateful for the grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Thankful for a decent German beer

I have never had one but I'd still like to say 'Cheers' :)

Have a wonderful evening @franks

Thankful my family gathering is going well

Today i am thankful for "cold" weather.

free pizza

Thankful for the nice weather

Thankful that I have immersed myself in what is to come :) and prepared my family!

A lovely spring day

Improved communication

I am thankful for having my family

Thankful for silence at the end of a noisy day.

I'm thankful for the eclipse tomorrow :)

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For being alive :)

Thankful for a pleasant morning.

I am thankful for my good health

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I am thankful for intuition.

thankful for a great dinner:)

I am very happy because your post is very excellent. @na722

I am thankful for sleep. :)

I am thankful for fresh young coconuts with flesh like jelly. yum
mexico 037.jpg I am holding the machete.

thankfully for this lottery!

for my health :)

For all I have in my life

Thankful for spending time with my parents.

I am thankful for my good health

My mom

Thankful for the nice weather today

Thankful for my life

Thankful to my son

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For family.

The rain stopped for me to go home

Am thankful for been well and healthy today.

another beautiful summer day

my left arm

What's special about it?

Oh, the king slayer. Haha funny

Thankful to my parents

A health score of 5, feeling healthy and energized.

for another sunny day

For my good friends

Thankful for me life

I'm thankful for my family.

I'm thankful for my family.

I'm thankful for my family.

I am thankful for my good health

Thankful for feeling loved

I am thankful that I have the ability to say “no”

All the people who have made my life so rich and full

For a nice day.

For modern technologies

Me, too :) and I love that many of them are geared towards empowerment.

Have a great night @erikaflynn

My friends