My answer to those asking me if my baby will get the hepatitis B vaccine at birth!

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 I've had someone phrase this question to me several times in the last  month in the following manner: "But if you have a baby, won't you get  them the Hepatitis B shot when they are born? Doesn't that SCARE you not  to?"  Here is my answer: -The overall incidence of the Hep B infection is 4 in 100,000!

 -77% of those are high risk: IV drug abusers, prostitutes, alcoholics, homeless, and homosexual males 

Of the people who contract it: (Blood borne pathogen, sexually transmitted)
- 50% are asymptomatic, clear the infection, and have lifetime immunity
-30% have flu like symptoms, clear the infection, and have lifetime immunity
Of the 20% who actually have an illness that lead to diagnosis
- 95% fully recover and have lifetime immunity
- < 5% are chronic carriers
- 1.5% have cirrhosis or cancer of the liver 30 to 50 years AFTER infection  Read that straight: 1.5% of the 20% of the total infected of the 4 out  of 100,000 have a serious issue 30 to 50 years following infection. 

Regarding antibodies from the shot:
> 10 miu/ml is the standard “protection” level
-Engerix B vaccine study shows levels up to 2200 at 7 months after vaccination
-Excessive antibody state sets body up for “molecular mimicking” or attacking of similar looking substances in the body
-The Journal of Autoimmunity states this process from the vaccine can cause autoimmune disease such as
Type 1 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Kawasaki disease
 -Journal of Autoimmunity 1996: “There is no doubt that the new  Recombinant Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine has the ability to trigger  autoimmunity.”  

Regarding longevity of immunity:
-30 to 50% immunity lost by age of 7
- Up to 60% who initially respond with immunity will lose it ALL within 12 years
(Read this as: by the time your child is sexually active they will no longer be protected)  Sample of hepatitis B shot ingredients: yeast protein, soy peptone,  dextrose, amino acids, mineral salts, potassium aluminum sulfate,  amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, formaldehyde, aluminum  hydroxide, yeast protein, phosphate buffers.
(No people, it isn't just a little dead virus and saline thrown together!) 

- Safety studies: None
-Zero studies ever conducted on infants
-Zero placebo controlled trials conducted on Hep B immunization in any age group ever
-The 1997 Illinois Board of Health hearing asked the manufacturer for evidence that Hep B is safe for a 1 day old:
“We have none. Our studies were done on 5 & 10 year olds”- Congress quarterly August 25, 2000 Page 1-47  

My final answer was and will continue to be verbatim: Unless my 7 year old is a whisky slugging, IV drug abusing, homosexual prostitute- I think he will be JUST FINE WITHOUT IT!!!

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Such a great and informative post! Thanks for sharing great stats and facts and thanks for spreading awareness!

Good use of common sense, I wish more people would try it. Thanks for putting this on the blockchain Michelle, I hope your reasoning abilities spread far and wide.

Interesting. I read some of that stuff before. Do you have some source to some of this?