Air Force Set to Smother 6 Million Acres of Texas with NALED Following Hurricane Harvey, Fetal Outcomes Expected to Plummet

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Despite the fact that NALED has been proven to cross the placental barrier in the fetus leading to outcomes of decreased brain and head size as well as other poor outcomes, the Air Force is spraying SIX MILLION ACRES of Texas following hurricane Harvey. This newest report just hit my inbox:

Highest prenatal pesticide exposure tied to adverse birth outcomes:

Infants whose mothers lived near farms using the top 1% of pesticide loads during pregnancy were 11% more likely to be born preterm and 20% more likely to have low birth weight, compared with no detectable effect among those whose mothers were in the top 25% of exposures, according to a study in the journal Nature Communications. The findings also showed a 5% to 9% higher risk of adverse outcomes among those born to mothers in the top 5% of pesticide exposures.

SOURCE: Nature Communications, online August 29, 2017.


Of course this is just mentioning one small aspect of severe health consequences for pregnant women and fetuses. It doesn't even cover the litany of other adverse outcomes for the population at large.

Still think the government has your best interest at heart? Think again. Talk about skipping "informed consent" and "do no harm". I'll take my chances with Zika and West Nile over NALED any day of the week. That is MY choice. What is yours??

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There is something so incredibly beautiful about pregnancy, and we are ruining, destroying it....