What Is Your Reputation Score?

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First of all lets talk about reputation score is the number which is inside the little circle that is beside your user name this numbers starts on 25 when you create an account and go all the way up up 80 and also i get go all the way down to -25 its gets higher and higher if you are working hard the number gets higher to go from reputation score 30-40 its ten times harder then going 20-30 and to go from 60-70 is ten times harder its takes ten times longer then to go from 50-60 so you started to see how it works so why i am saying this is more important for all so the whales have a lot of more influence before they also have a lots of more responsibility to drag the fund in a way that benefits the community so know that everyone has more influence they also have more responsibility in the community to drag the funds in the best possible which benefits everyone, well also there are no rules that you cant vote yourself vote on stupid post but there are social rules but no mathematical rules if somebody lets say you decided to vote on yourself eventually the community is gonna see that some say this is crazy and they start flagging yes flagging is worse, an account flags you reputations get down like his account his higher and you flagged him back does not do anything to his or her reputation so higher account can affect the lower accounts reputations but no the other way around so as you see people are adjusting they are new the new sense of power the whales deal with this alot how do whales behaving with everybody because they which is best for the community but minnow and dolphins don't deal with those issues not looking they have to now they will deal with the bots i think you gonna see bots instead the bots being primary voters on steemit now you see the bot primarily police in the system and making sure that aren't voting that helpful i remember like every vote you do is seen right might not be seen on steemit but can been seen on block chain and you that bots are easy for block chain they are not looking at like you are looking at most of them so this is gonna be cool if you have any other question about reputation shoots them in the comments.


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