Steemit Block Explorer ( What is it and how to use it?

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What are the advantages of the new Social Media website Steemit before the other? The first is the use of technology Blockchain. Blockchain now trying to apply primarily to financial transactions. Someone is trying to find a use for goverment and social structures, where you want to store important records intact. Steemit tries to show that normal users can take advantage of using this technology. Any records left on this site would remain intact, change or delete them would be impossible.

How Steemers benefit from the advantages of this? The main tool that will help us is Block Explorer 

Here you will find all the information that is recorded in Blockchain. On the main page you will see the record of the last post written in Blockchain. Clicking on the advanced mode, you can view more information about the post and the actions associated with it. For example, who like it this entry and who dont like (who Upvoted and who later Down voice). Clicking on the vote details you can see the "weight" of each vote. If you enter any user name (account) in the address bar of the browser (I write, you can see detailed information about this account. All actions of the user will be showed, and who took direct part in the discussion or Upvote your post. You have the opportunity to find any log entry and view detailed records connected with it (do not forget to click on advanced mode). Here you will find a lot of different information, including a record of calculating payout. 

Advice: To quickly and easily find the information you're interested about the post, you can copy all symbols in address bar of your browser after and paste them after In this case, you will be taken to a page with detailed records about him in blokchaine. For example: Post to Steemit ( and write about it in the Block Explorer ( -wallet-no-problem)

In a tab distribution distribution
Membership Levels and Activity

In a tab witnesses
Here provides information about the Witnesses (Miner) who directly make recording in blockchain.

You may be interested in the following resources.

  1. STEEMSTATS - Tool for Statistics of Steem. This provides a structured, informative and brief statistics about your actions in Steemit - Posts, Votes, Replies, Mining, Interest.
    Enter your account in the search box and you will get the necessary information. You can simultaneously monitor multiple accounts.
  2. STEEM WHALES (Rankings for Steemians) -  This resource allows you to see the rating of any User. After entering in the search box the name account, you can see your ranking in Steemit.
  3. Steem prices (Current Exchange Spot Prices) -  This is a resource for traders and any who simply interested in current prices on STEEM
  4. Steem Dollar Ticker & Conversion - Showing you the "real" Steem Dollar value calculated with the latest exchange values.
  5. Steemle ( - Displays charts transactions, transfer, accountt, votes etc.
  6. Steemviz  - Displays all new posts, votes, comments, users, blocks, transfers and trades on the steem network blockchain in real time.
  7. Steem stream - View all activity for all Steem users realtime. With Desktop notifications, speed analysis and more
  8. SteemImg - Steemit Image Hosting service for your posts
  9. Steemithelp - A platform which helps you get the best answers for your questions.
  10. Steem tools - All tools in one place

I hope this information has helped you to better present as arranged and how work the new Social Media website Steemit

This post in Russian language.

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Thanks for links and description

Yeah man, thank you for this post, got interested.

Thanks for your post I was able to reply mine.

Thank you for info

Thanks for this information. there are some posts that were edited and I want to view the original post before the edits, is it possible?

a year later and most of these tools are offline. it's a shame....

Very useful ! Thank you very much !

Thanks for the helpful post. I recently sent steem from an exchange to my memo address and it hasnt arrived yet do you know of a way to track it on a block explorer of off hand how long it takes to process a transfer?

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