Fun Facts #2 : What causes sexual desires in men?

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Human Biology


I am a science student. Just like all young boys who are growing up, I am quite intrigued by the changes in my body, so I started asking why...

The first change that I started noticing is the change in voice, followed by the outbreaks of acne on my face..!
Then I started noticing that I am quite drawn and attracted to the opposite sex, it does become more prominent when one hits puberty.

I am more interested to look into the science behind these changes.


The only thing in my mind when I hear of this is how wrestlers would pump themselves with testosterone to increase their muscle mass and to appear more formidable.


However, this hormone has more functions than just giving you lean and tough muscles. It also plays its role as a primary male sex hormone which gives you that butterfly in the stomach, the warm and tingly sensation when someone you like (usually of the opposite sex) walks past you.

Basically, it is just like being hit with Love Potion No. 9.

Testosterone would initiate the production of sperm cells and will also promote secondary sexual characteristics such as increased bone and muscle mass, and the growth of body hair.


This is how sperm cells are formed in the testes..


Why Do We Suddenly Feel 'Attracted' to Someone?

Let's view this from a totally scientific angle. We are humans and we have instincts. Its like how a mother knows how to give birth to a child despite the child being her firstborn.

So being physically attracted to someone is actually an instinct to survive through procreation. At the peak of this euphoria, testosterone secreted from the ovary (female) and testes (Male) starts to flow in our blood and it gives us a more intense feeling. The need to procreate and avoid extinction.


A quote from @perennial

This feeling can sometimes be so strong and that urge has to be released. One may resort to a safe avenue of masturbation. While there are some myth that says, a person that masturbates sins and would go blind, there is no real scientific proof to back that allegation. In fact masturbation is one of the safest form of 'sex' that is capable of preventing sexually transmitted disease (STD) .

In my opinion as a christian myself,

I agree that masturbation is one of the safest to prevent (STD) . As a christian point of view, masturbation usually involves fantasy, visualization, and sometimes pornography which often cause us to have sexual lust. From what I know, the bible has taught me that sexual lust is a sin from the heart and it should be avoided. (If you are curious why Jesus forbids masturbation, it is stated in the bible in Matthew 5:27–30 )
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What is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) ?

Whilst there are many diseases that are sexually transmitted, but to many the only one that they recognise is HIV. In the past, there are stories of how emperors and kings are victims of sexually transmitted diseases that are incurable.


This happens through various points of contact. One is a direct penile insertion where bodily fluid are exchanged or through oral sex. This however can be prevented through proper process of sterilization.

  • A simple mouth gargle may reduce the risk of contracting STD and the use of condom despite being known as a contraceptive is a very effective means of avoiding the exchange of bodily fluid.

I think that sex education is very important because it helps to educate teenagers so that unwanted pregnancies can be prevented and also reduce the spreading of diseases. The decisions they make can impact their health and well-being for the rest of their lives.


Thanks for dropping by :D Feel free to leave a comment below. :D

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Somebody has grown up!!! Ah boy to man

Maybe he isnt ah man yet... he is still an ah boi...

I feel young to be an ah boi :DDD

I hope u learn. But testosterone has nothing to do with anabolic steroid. They pump up testosterone by increasing sexual appetite. Steroid in fact has a side effect of reducing mojo.

oops! HAHHA I'll change it :D Thanks for correcting me :D

U know how we like the stuff u do...keep it up

Why ah boi sooo keen on talking about wonder keep asking me funny stuff few days ago.

Funny stuff cuz you are very funnny :D Sex education important u knoww :DDD

I am a science student and generally like all young boy growing up

That first sentence... 🤔😆

I'm kidding. A very mature piece of content and a timely reminder even for adults.

Very Good article Godbless u brother

This is an awesome piece @edward-ong!!! It was actually on my list to write about sex education too, don't want it to remain as a taboo, you know. Excellent job done! Want to also ask u, if you will be doing a piece on women??

Mi hermano me parece interesante tu tema y tu punto de vista , bueno no lo discuto , espero que sigas profundizando en temas tan importantes de nuestra vida , saludos

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