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Education is the most important thing in our lives, it means that every human being is worthy and hopes to always develop in education. The importance of education is very influential in the development of the times for the future. Therefore education generally has the meaning of a life process in developing each individual to be able to live and live life.


Education is very important, without human education it will be difficult to develop and even retreat. Thus education should really be directed to produce quality human beings in the sense of mastering science and technology and able to compete, noble character and play an active role in all areas of life, intellectual intelligent, creative, skilled, honest, disciplined and moral high. , and mutual respect.

Being an educated person is essential for future survival, therefore it is expected that education can now grow people to have trained qualities such as faith and caution to God, noble, healthy, knowledgeable or educated creative, independent, and responsible .
Education can be found in the family. Just as we as children are loved by parents and we love it, then there will be a situation of mutual help, mutual respect, which is very supportive of child development. Here are parents who play a very important role as educators, who teach their children to behave well.
Education is also very influential in the school and community, for example in the school environment of teachers as a medium of educators to provide knowledge in accordance with the ability possessed. The role of the teacher as an educator is the role of providing help and encouragement, as well as the tasks associated with disciplining the child so that the child can have a sense of responsibility with what he does. As well as from the community environment will provide an overview of how we live and interact in society. That's the importance of being well-educated in the family, school, and community environment.
In that case there are several benefits of the importance of education for the future:

  • Gain the knowledge we need for the future

  • By interacting in a community environment can also influence insight and can broaden future horizons

  • By gaining wider knowledge and insight, we can achieve the ideals we dream of
    Thus the importance of education can be a conclusion we have a goal to eliminate all sources of suffering people from ignorance and backwardness, and develop capabilities and establish a dignified nature in order to educate the life of the nation in the future.

That's how the importance of education begins with the family or parental education that provides informal education, school and community environments that are very influential for a bright future and as an educated human being.

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