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Hello fellow Steemians! How are you all doing? I hope still doing great despite of steem's value , let's just believe brighter days are yet to come .



Anyway , i was just really thinking of what i can share on steemit today, would it be a personal experience , an inspirational message , crypto or whatsoever . Then it just came to my mind about what really a quality post is , does that really matter so you can be voted and be noticed by the steemians who got huge vote value? or it's not really necessary ? Well , as they say and i would agree , in blogging , the truth is , quality is really subjective . It depends on the reader's judgement if it's quality or not. Another reason why i just wanted to share this is that , there are just moments when i feel sad seeing and reading quality blogs for me but are not earning even $1 , i can feel the effort and time th writer just spend on it , but then again , that's the reality . That like in life , it is not always fair , not everybody's the same . If others can get big upvotes even by just posting 2 sentences or a picture, others just making themselves satisfied with .50, 0.60 and sooo on. But just another fair thought , we also have to consider that whatever a person is right now , he might have work hard for that ,so no worries about how he wanted to spend those big vote value and earnings .

So there, just my insights on some steemit thingies. This platform had been very awesome for me eversince i met it. Yeah ,sometimes low earnings , sometimes higher. But i just can't explain why i still continue on steeming. Maybei just know by heart that this is going to get back up again and that this was the very first online blogging site i indulge myself with. Yes! there might other blogging sites that will come my way , but i would never leave steemit , for as long as it's still working ,and i have my phone and a prepaid load for my internet connection , LOL.

You have a great day/night ahead steemians

Much love ,

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good your sharing.

Indeed it’s subjective. I personally prefer a short and sweet blog over a boring cryptobook style post where the majority of folks go brain dead.

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