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 Soylent and Bitcoin?

A picture of the vending machine was tweeted out by MIT’s own Ethan Zuckerman last night. In it, you can see the machine was mostly empty aside from a few bottles of Soylent. The vending machine even comes equipped with a QR code for people to conveniently scan.View image on Twitter

 The machine first came to public attention sometime last year, as a few people tweeted about the possibility of MIT Lab getting a bitcoin-compatible vending machine. Speculation made its way around social media after the director of Media Lab, Joi Ito, first tweeted a picture of a vending machine being brought into the lab.
The speculation became reality after a while, once it was actually confirmed to accept bitcoin. Tierion tweeted about it after getting a tour of the MIT Media Lab building in September of 2015 


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EthanZ Ethan Zuckerman tweeted @ 28 Jul 2016 - 02:12 UTC

Vending machine at @medialab accepts bitcoin, stocked only with @soylent. Surely this is a metaphor for something.

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