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Hello! :)

My name is Barbora Sitařová, my parents call me Barča. I am 17 years old. I come from the Czech Republic. I was born in Zlín, but now I live in small town called Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. I have one brother and two step sisters.



I like traveling, cooking, communication with people and music. I play the accordion.



I study public administration in Brno. My favourite subject is law. I haven’t got many free time because I work in a hotel. I am a waitress. I like this job.


I am speaking czech, english, slovak and a little bit german. I was selected from school for the Erasmus project. My expectations here are to meet new people and gain new experience as well as to improve my language skills. I planning to post about Christmas markets, restaurant and my learning progress. This is my first working experience abroad.

Barbora Sitařová
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Thanks to @globalschool I could introduce myself through @workshops ! From now on I will manage @blocklaw.

Welcome to the Hug Inn Vienna! :)

Thank you, I love it there!:)

Welcome to our co-learning workshops! ;)

really nice, i hope you''ll like it here :')

A very interesting article.

Thank you!:)

Hello, nice to meet you, follow people, you will have many new friends
I have followed you, you can follow me back @datmacro

Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you, I follow you too.