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how does the reward work for the image I just posted via steempix?
I don't mind sharing more, but need to be informed about what happens to the earnings for it.
I read your page Should there be earnings, how can I transfer those to my Steemit account?


Hi thermoplastic, thanks for using the publish to steemit feature. Our overall goal for now is to get as many people using the tag #steempix and building the @steempix account. This we cannot do without you help. All the photos posted via steempix are tracked and the revenue from said photo are going to be collated and published on your steempix page. Which will be your balance. We have not unlocked that just yet, still testing internally. You can request a weekly payout and all what you photo has earned will be transferred to you. The idea is that with a single influential account, posts can rack up more rewards.

Do you have any questions about our reply?

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