Aftershow Report 9th Steemit-Austria Meetup

in #steemit-austria4 years ago (edited)

The 9th Steemit-Austria Meetup marked our creative moment of glory!

Yes, creativity is the one and only value that drives us crazy, pushes us to the limits and gets our JLo duffs into gear:


Thanks to all participants and inspi-rational minds: @nicoletta @artpoet @komischername @vieanna @brickster @reconnectnature @lichtcatchtoby @manncpt @jnmarteau @annikafried @lifestylerat @flugschwein @nissla @mundharmonika @vikisecrets @thermoplastic @mammasitta

Always remember: science happens in your head and heart inbetween conversations with your colleagues, not in dusty old institutions!

------------------- ⿻ -------------------

Successful people arise on wayward paths, I will remain faithful to my
70 % | 30 % principle

Happy Fuck! Spring is already here, Summer is cumming

Yours Cryptolover Undercover locally known as @sciencevienna


My name is in the back of that Awesome Tee!!!
💕 YOU ALL!!!


I am so happy with this very special present! Merci beaucoup!!!

I am glad you love it! Merci pour ces mots et presence rempli de soleil 💕

It was really nice meeting you and listing to your so far very cool life journey :)

Hahaha thx, as you said, maybe my journey is just the beginning

Happy Fuck to you !

Happy Fuck to you, toooo <3 <3 <3

auu what i missed... pretty cool T-shirt 🤩

Promiss, I'll bring more equipment next time =) Don't hesitate also to join the daily meetups from tomorrow ;-)

Nice GIF @sciencevienna! I love it. :)

Diesmal eine kleine aber dafür feine Runde :-)!

Curious, what's your 70/30 principle?

science/fuck until summer cums


as usual it was a wonderful meeting and the shirt was definitely a cool and creative idea ;)

its really great job,,, thanks for share your experiences

exactly, mindblowing!

very good by hard it all post.

will be hard as steel(e) you can be sure

That's a great creativity
..Keep it up...

Thx yes we will keep it up :)

thanks for your share your report,,,its great creativity

There is a saying in German: Wer immer artig ist wird niemals großartig

Let me know how google translator translated it :)

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