The start of @silkroad40, the 1on1 talks of @opt2o and the launch of @pizzajohn with #steemitaustria

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@vienarch (new member of @opt2o) & @jnmarteau

Before we went backstage at Cafe Monic to have 1on1 talks, @preinisch started the IoT Eurasian Tour at Margaretengürtel! My four guests at Hug Inn Vienna @tigerkid, Taube and a couple from India were impressed and asked him about his journey. Soon we will hear his first update from the @silkroad40. Stay tuned! :)

eurasian tour starts.jpg

At noon we came to Cafe Monic. The location was perfect for the event. Not too small and not too big. Here are some pictures of the 1on1 talks. If you find an error in the text or you don't like one of the pictures I made from you, just tell it to me in the next days, please. That I can still update the post.

nicoletta und alex 1on1.jpg @nicoletta and @sciencevienna

1on1 nicoletta mundhamrmonika.jpg

@nicoletta and @mundharmonika

1on1 smartcoins.jpg

@doejane and @smartcoins

philip und alex 1on1.jpg

@reconnectnature and @sciencevienna

Thank you to @tigerkid for the DJ workshop! He was joining us from @steemmunich. Thank you as well to @Pizzajohn for the 10 sponsored Pizza Margarita. They were delicious! :)

pizza for rapha.jpg

backstage bild.jpg

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Thank you for the attention, your support for @opt2o, the @globalschool, @silkroad40 and @pizzajohn!



Hope you enjoyed the after party! The format was very interactive, I really liked to have so much rich talks and I was really happy to see the steemians presenting what they are doing and how they can offer support and look for synergies, was amazing =) Thanks a lot! Can't wait to see you on the 25th and adapt the format to use the big park in front of @frameworks. =D

Yes @tigerkid showed @reconnectnature and me his skills and gave us a little DJ workshop. I love his tunes! The format was too long in total. So I recommend you to hold 1on1 talks for maximum 6 hours. It is really intense to talk face to face. I felt a little bit brain dead after 8 hours haha :D Looking forward to the 1on1 talks in the park @frameworks! :)

And looking forward to no smoking locations <3

All other meetups before were non-smoker locations. So sry that there was the possibility to smoke at Cafe Monic. @Nicoletta will take care about it.

was a nice evening yesterday :)
Thanks again for organising it!

See you all on the next meetups ;)

Thank you :) Nice that you were there!

Thank you for joining the 1on1 talks at Cafe Monic! See you again on the next #steemit-austria or @steemmunich meetup next month! ;)

Thank you for organising the 1on1 talks and informing the steemians of Vienna about the IoT Eurasian tour! :)

We are looking forward to the next @silkroad40 posts! :)

Thank you @manncpt & @jnmarteau for documenting the start of the journey to the Pole of Inaccessability! :)

You are welcome! :)

Schön, dass es euch geschmeckt hat! :)

Die Margherita kam sehr gut an. Danke für die Pizzen! Ich bin mir sicher, dass @pizzajohn mit Hilfe von @smartcoins und der #steemitaustria community auf der blockchain Erfolg haben wird. :)

Wir freuen uns immer über Bestellungen! :)