Steemit School - School Of Life Combined With Blockchain Technology

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There are a large number of users with great initial enthusiasm, but very soon their will falls down and the project starts to extinguish. Blokchain technology and digital currencies represent our future, but this is just one part of the whole picture that we need to see. The paper money will be replaced, the development of new technologies allows us to become financially free in a more creative and beautiful world. Steemit is a great project that has combined the human desire for financial freedom and the social aspect of life. We need to understand that Steemit is a trend that we see as our vision of success, but we should not forget that new trends are coming, the world has become a place where people with unlimited thinking capacities are born. Life success is based on timeless principles, on energy that has the same rules for all. If he does not learn the principles of life success, then every trend is only a fraction of the happiness that passes over time. The project I started - Costumer Witness, represents the power of the life school in combination with the new blockchain technology and Steemit.


We win together Project :
Customer Witness - 100 Users As One Witness - Apply To Become Member Of The Team That Wins

This is a great success as users massively recognize the idea of ​​making Witness and Votingbot for users. We invest 100% of profits in the opening of Steemit schools all over the world. We want to accomplish a great mission for all users, to bring together true visionaries and investors who want Steemit to have 100,000,000 users. When we create a team of 100 people working together for the same goal, we have the power to become influential on other Steemit users. I was poor, now I want to help everyone who wants to do great things, we need creative people who will give their maximum in programs, arts, investments, marketing. Everyone who knows how to install a witness server, who knows how to make the voting bot are welcome. Everyone who sees the Steemit vision as their future are welcome, we will all become one Witness together. The first 20 Witness people make a big profit of $ 500,000 to $ 1,000,000 a year, and I want to invest my entire profits in opening the Steemit School all over the world. For us to succeed, we need the users' voices, for us it is an honor to serve honorably and to help millions of people to join our Steemit family.

My wish is that quality is at the very top of the blogging world, and this can be achieved if we give a new direction to move to Steemit. My idea is to gather people from different fields (developers, marketing people, investors, artists) because in this way we can support the development of talented users.


The project contains more details :

Witness project

100 users become one witness under one username
40% of profits are being diverted to open the Steemit Schools all over the world
40% of profits are allocated for the prize at the Steemit Ultimate Challange ( 2000 SBD + from witness profit )
20% of the money is used to develop witness servers and technical support.
All Witness members are promoted to the Steemit Ultimate Challange as sponsors and witnesses
Votingbot Project :

The goal is to give 97% to the users, only 3% are separated for promotion and maintenance.
Investors will get the best offer for delegated voting power.
The votingbot serves to support and promote the witness and new users.
Steemit Schools Project :
The goal is to open at least one school in each country because people do not know what the new currency is, how it is used, how to advance to Steemit, etc. I opened the first school as an example in Macedonia, now I want to help open schools in other countries. People want to have one place where they gather, to feel belonging to a certain group of people who are successful. When the number of users increases, then Steem's value grows, the goal is to show people how they can win poverty. Each school will promote investors and witness, this is a very large marketing that will bring great publicity to all Steemians.

All users who want to become part of the team should indicate their skills and abilities in the place for comment.
We need programmers, promoters, motivators, artists, investors, etc. It will be an honor for me to see that this project has succeeded, I believe in myself, you and God who is my biggest support.

The school should contain the main pillars of life success in its program :

  • What is life success ?
  • How to achieve financial success ?
  • What is blockchain technology and its applications in the future ?
  • Proper work on Steemit, creative vision and strategies for making successful posts, etc.
  • Investment principles and business logic ?
  • Types of business and the development of new trends in the world ?
  • Psychology of success ?
  • Creating new habits of success ?
  • The way of thinking and the power of the mind ?
  • Development of multidimensional intelligence ?

These are just some of the topics that will go through our training. Each of our schools will have licensed trainers and the same way of working. We create a team that has a vision to maximally support the development of new users and their abilities. Everyone who has ideas, desire and vision to become our partners, trainers, developers, designers and investors are welcome. Our goal is to launch a big influx of new users (100,000,000), and with that we raise the value of Steemit and Steem. We need people who never give up, who have a great and brave heart, because this is the way for the winners, we need to pass through a large number of obstacles that await us.

The main question is how can you help in this project?
Contact me on Discord Channel -

See you on the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim

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Interesting .. I really liked it
Thanks for these tips .. Just work and be positive
Well done thanks for sharing

You are a man of greatness. I can tell you have a kind heart and want to help the world.
You are doing AWESOME things for the Steemit community!!


Thank you my honest friend,
I would love if you and Karenasstudio were part of this project

joined the channel :)
starting to think about a team in bulgaria...
no many friends of mine use steem yet..


Step by ste, Welcome to our family

Follow to my blog.
Every day I'm upvote the posts of those who upvote my posts.

Opening steemit schools?. Supported 100%.

I'm here because someone opened a "Steemit school" on a forum.


This is a really inspirational post for us. It will really be better for our future. Your steemit school is a good step for people and also for steemit. Thank you from my heart really dear. Carry on your work, we are with you.


Thank you for your support

Nice idea. How could I apply to become one of the 100 members @dobartim?


He left a link to his discord channel, I guess you can contact him there :)


Got it. Thank you!


you are welcome n.n although the link is broken... You will have to wait until dobartim updates it :)


I was already inside. It should be all fine now. It's already working.



Thank you sir! God bless you, you are doing a nice job here, just got a gift from @dobartim



Digital currency and block chain is the way to go!


Of course

I am all in @dobartim, it is an awesome idea, I would love to help in any way I can..... I rep. Steemit nigeria


Welcome to our family

Greatly outlined goals. I believe in this mission and I pray for the success. Amen


God bless you

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Hey @dobartim, the discord link expired , update it please :)

Many people do not understand the meaning of many things (I include myself), and if you do not have the interest to investigate and ask, it is easier to leave everything behind. This is @dobartim we are in a world in constant evolution and ideas that revolutionize minds.
Muchas personas no entienden el significado de muchas cosas ( me incluyo), y si no se tiene el interes de investigar y preguntar es mas facil dejar todo atras. Asi es @dobartim estamos en un mundo en evolución constante e ideas que revolucionan las mentes.


Yes, we are live in creative time

Hi Goran! It is nice to know that you have already opened a school in Macedonia and you have implemented one of your many ideas. Congratulations! I would like to learn more about the first results of this project. What are the methods of training and how is the process built? How many students are in your school? What are their first successes? They are already a Steemit user ? It would be interesting to see their blogs. Share your impressions about the first pupils of this school. Thank You! I wish You success.


The school is in progress, I put off the lessons because I have to make a witness server and the whole school program with rules. I open a company that has special goals and which issues licenses. You will be notified for details like everyone else through my posts and the discord channel


Thank You! I'll keep an eye on updates. I wish you success! :)

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Nice step... Good idea.. Great project.... Am all in


Welcome to Steemit

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I'm becoming interested in the potential of Steemit. I'm a writer, blogger and editor, writing about 'life'- and I can see that this blockchain idea really is life - will the cream rise to the top? I believe we're growing as human beings - big changes going on - and yes, I think we'll see it reflected here.


This is cool.
I would really love to be in steemit school

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Welcome to Steemit

hi @dobartim i am IN. i can help in this regard in my region i.e lahore pakistan


Welcome to our family

Wonderful ideas and strategies, may God crown your efforts with huge success. More wisdom!


Thank you very much

that is so true, wen tins dnt go as well as u expected, u tend tojust withdraw, especially with steemit. my friend has started a community to help with this problem, @steem9ja, its supposed to help nigerian university students on the platform, ur assistance would go a really long way. try looking into it. thanks.


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The quality of the steemit school awesome. I love to be part of the movement.


Go to discord channel


Great project, it can helped other
Good luck :)

May God guide you on this decision you have taken and your school shall be great

Wow, what else can i say sir, you have said it all and i cant but continue to pray that God will bless your days with joy as you continually on daily bases advocate for the freedom of man from poverty, may God bless you so much sir. On the area of participation i am 100% in, if i am given opportunity to support this project in my little way, if possibly having one steemit school here in Nigeria, thanks very much sir.

What an awesome idea! I will go check out your site. I have a ton of ideas. God is good.