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RE: Why I Am Still Here.

You're totally one of those early ones. I don't think I even learned about crypto yet back then.

I am convinced that this strong community guarantees survival and future growth of STEEM

I really hope so. I thought STEEM-TRON thing would be something good or at least something good would happen. These past few days just too dramatic and I'm so hoping for the best to happen.

I'm still here too! Still addicted to that steem and still enjoy the companies of all the people I met through the platform both online and irl.

Nice meeting you here through this very blockchain! :) Miss the little princess!


I thought STEEM-TRON thing would be something good or at least something good would happen.

It could be something good, if both sides would listen too each other instead of fighting only! To be honest, I hope that concerning the current struggle for the top witness ranks, there will finally be a power balance, so that nobody is able anymore to make any quick changes (like for example reducing the power down timeframe) without talking to the other side.

And then, to restrict the influence of single individuals, the available number of witness votes per account should get significantly reduced. I know that users can use mutiple accounts for voting, but in that case they also have to spread their SP one these accounts which decreases its strength.

@justinsunsteemit could support STEEM with his influence, marketing skills and money, but at the same time should respect its independence and decentral nature (even more decentral after reducing the number of witness votes per account). He himself would benefit from a long-term increase of the STEEM value.

Sometimes people (in this case on both sides of the table) should put their ego last and instead of that focus on the overall success of a project.

Agreed actually! Finger crossed! :)

Anyway: I think it's really fascinating to see, how the STEEM community reimplements the former witnesses. It reminds me anyhow at how Asterix and Obelix defend their little village against the Romans.

It's always like this. Remember the Dlive situation, lol like Steemians gonna eat you raw if you play them dirty lol

It's a real representation of the bible story about David vs Goliath 😀.
Well...I had planned to write an article about this too previously but I think it's not so necessary anymore cos my opinion wouldn't differ that much from @jaki01 afterall 😄.
So I just want to drop by for a minutes here to cheer on you too @waybeyondpadthai
I am glad that you are still here as well 😊.

Hahaha things are going to turn out good I'm sure!

I have been on hiatus for a year at least cos life is rather tough and busy lately. But I still stay too. This is at least a good opportunity to earn some more dollars aside of a common job with only small earnings in my country.