Why I Am still here?

in #steemimpact3 years ago

I joined the steemit community 2017 when the market price was flourishing and everything seem to be going fine.there were positive prediction about the next price of steem on chart and the users then were active. People pledge allegiance to the community as they enjoyed various benefits, usually in form of monetary incentives, then gradually the price of steem started dropping and it continued until it current state known as bearish. Sadly, the same group of persons who seem to be die hard users began to loose motivation and gradually quit into other social interaction, these are people who Introduced me to this community but then am still here blogging. People might ask "why are you still here?, you're not even making enough from your post for the past 2 years, there are other social network you would have grown".

Someone once said "All problems are stuck between mind and matters, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter"

It isn't that, am not concern about the current market around steem but the passion I grew over it seems stronger than the incentives. First, steemit taught me lessons I wouldn't have learnt in life practical which was persistence and foresight, this is one of the reasons why I am still here having learnt of how many users started from nothing with an unshakeable faith in steemit. Steemit contributed in developing my writing skills, no community has ever done me this good. I can remember how poorly I started and where I am now. Writing became so easy for me that I can write stories from few scenes.


One of my greatest motivation is that, I have nothing to loose, I can only gain either through personal development, relationship, monetary incentives or educational material on various subjects around the world posted on various blog, so even when it seem like there is no gain, indirectly i am gaining one of the above mentioned. So our major problems are stuck to our mindset and what we seek after. If we could turn our gaze from what we give to the community without looking at what the community give us in return, it's easy to loose interest. So, my motivation has also come from realising what the steemit community offer in return.

Finally, I am still here because, the site steemit proved it genuineness over time, even through the hardest time, it has survived. diamonds are made after being passed through a hot coal and beaten, and I trust this period are just a testing time for Steemit, it will still flourish after the testing is over. And when I want to quit I remember the quote "tough times don't last, tough people do" .

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