Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why

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@theycallmedan presented a challenge to the community: select three or more Steemians you follow, and write a post explaining why they matter to you. Here is my list:

This chap, who I know in person, introduced me to Steemit about three years ago, and encouraged me to do some writing. I read most of his posts, although some of his political and philosophical ideas get a little deep for me. I skip his beer reviews because I don't like beer. His most amusing posts are his tales from the library where he works, and he posts some cool photographs from time to time, too.

Another writer who I actually know in person, this gal writes hilarious tales about growing up in Alaska, as well as library stories, adventures involving her farm and family, and delicious recipes. Her stories are always entertaining and usually cheer me up if I need to be cheered up.

It seems to me @jacobtothe told me about this writer. Her life as a commercial fisherman is so very different from my own life, and I find it fascinating to read about. She is very good about answering my landlubber questions, too.

@wandrnrose7, @deirdyweirdy, @byn, @kaerpediem, @freedomtowrite and @wonderwop
These are all people I met at least two years ago through @freewritehouse. They write fiction, nonfiction, scary stuff, romantic stuff, silly stuff, and have been very encouraging to me while I've tried to figure out what I want to write about.

People who disappeared:
Some of the folks I first followed are no longer active, including @aunt-deb, @mother2chicks, @lavender, @lifes-a-donut, @crowbarmama, and @lucy-moments. In some cases, a move or a retirement or an illness caused them to stop posting. In other cases, I don't know why they quit. I particularly worry about @lavender, who had recently lost a dear friend to suicide. That worries me.


Thanks for the shout out. The freewrite house has been a guiding light to so many. I've seen numerous writers who started with us going on to be very successful steemians. But it is sad to see so many people leave. I'd say the majority of those I followed, almost 3 years ago now, no longer post.

Thanks for stopping by!