Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why - Initiative by @theycallmedan

in #steemimpactlast year

Hello steemians!

I came across a post made by @theycallmedan, it is about the bonds we have here on steemit. The friends we made on here but are not posting anymore. This post is made to show that we value such bond and it would be nice to have them back on here posting.
You can read more of his post here
After reading his post 5 steemians came to my mind and I would have to say how they have impacted me positively.

  1. @lincom: I met him on here 2017/2018, he was one of the first people I trusted with my coin. He helped to change the steem and SBD I had back then into my local currency, and he happened to be trustworthy. The last time we talked he was writing exams, it has been a while he posted.

  2. @adesola-td: he loves his games and writes well, he made me show interest in reviewhunt. As I found it hard to join steemhunt as an hunter. He got busy with life outside blockchain as a whole, maybe when the price of steem increases he would drop by.

  3. @ponmile: I have not seen her before but I remember her curation and comments, she was part of those that made me post back to back in 2018 when the price of steem started dropping. I think her life and commitments offline kept her away.

  4. @souhl: I saved him for the last, this is the person that introduced me to this site. Made me know I can write and get paid for it within 7 days, I joined and the rest has been history. He told me that he left and doubt if he is coming back, missed his support. He comes to read my posts and gives his opinion to me later on privately, now he does not even come at all.

Thanks to @theycallmedan for this opportunity, it is always good to remember the bond we have with others.