How has Steem impacted my life

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I joined Steem back in January 2018 and since then have been a loyal Steemian. Here are few facts about my profile. I still have some 700+ followers. I am sure half of them would be inactive by now but I hope to see them back when Steem price crosses a dollar. It's 0.18 as I write this post.

Bitcoin, the optimus prime of cryptocurrency had a great season back then in December 2017. It created it's new all time high which is still the same as of January 2020. That is when I and half of the world paid real attention towards cryptocurrency. After the bulls run ended I had enough time to study and understand few more currencies like ripple, litecoin and Nano (then raiblocks). I learnt that raiblocks was paid to users for solving captcha. What a smart faucet it was. I started my hunt if there were more currencies like it. That's when I came across Steem.

It was pretty much a no-brainer thing. A platform where you can post blogs or comments and earn cryptocurrency. Who wouldn't try it. Steem was between 3 to 4 dollars then. I started exploring Steem. Networking was a very important factor then. More the followers and more your network, more was your chance of earning good Steem. I wrote a nice introductory post and boom it earned $23. I was excited and very happy. I started following Steem religiously.
I invited quite a few people on Steem then. @chetan9, @aalsi-you-later, @aniketmore1925, @kushalbang93, @sayalijain, @yashmaheshwari. Most of them are not active though. I used to follow posts by @purepinay, @talkatore, @getonthetrain. I used to love their posts. They wrote amazing posts. I think purepinay is the only one still active and I still follow her posts. Shez an inspiration. Extremely health conscious and super healthy.

Keeping interest
Slowly the cryptocurrency saw a bear market. All cryptos dipped lower and lower. So it was difficult to keep up. But Steem is an amazing platform. I saw a lot of contests and raffles coming in. I kept participating and earning small amounts. I even played poker at I played offline games like black jack and poker hosted by @bethalea and @nicnas. I made friends like @jonsnow1983 and some I don't remember now. But then winning again got difficult. That was the time I had given up on Steem.

But then came the era of gaming on Steem. The amazing game @drugwars came on Steem. Play game to earn Steem. How amazing was that. I played the game like anything and earned some amount of Steem. I still play some games like Drug Wars, nextcolony and Steem Monsters. I am crazy about Steem Monsters and play it every day without fail. @clove71 managed to keep me motivated. My strategy was stagnated and I wasn't winning enough. That's when @clove71 helped my with some amazing gift cards. Things changed greatly after that.

Over the time I made friends with @mermaidvampire, @cadawg, @gerber and few more. They all met me in a community called plankton. They have their token on Amazing people they are

Becoming a minnow
I was struggling to earn steem. The prices hit their all time low and remained low. Steem Monsters was on but still it wasn't motivating enough. That's when I participated in a contest hosted by @daan. I was surprised to see that I won and he turned me into a minnow by adding SP to my account. I can't thank him enough. I am grateful to his kind gesture.

I can go on and on. The journey on Steem has been really amazing. There were many ups and downs but the community manages to stay motivated. I just hope Steem will be at it's all time high some day. I want to cash out some fiat out for sure. But Steem is definitely a part of my daily schedule. Some scrolling on partiko, drugwars, nextcolony and Steem Monsters are a part of my daily routine. I plan to continue and never stop using Steem. I believe in it.

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Great entry man, looks like you fully diving into the steem blockchain and good on you mate. getting involved in all these dapps and learning how the new internet will work is a skill worth having

Definitely. Who knows Steem may be as big as Bitcoin 5 years down the line.

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Dude! Do you even sleep! I see you everywhere all the time lol

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LOL! Why would I want to sleep? What do I get out of doing that?

Aw! Am so glad to see you you're back now! Congratulations for winning those SPs, who ever this @daan is pretty awesome to give away those amount of SPs.

I missed you dude! Welcome back!

Am I going to see you more often now?

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Definitely you will see me more here. I have been keeping myself busy playing Steem Monsters a lot.

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