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twinner to even out his votes.


In your profile bio it says that one should follow you for good curration. So you want to say that you only flag because @twinner voted? (Guilt by association)
We put hours of work in every issue. Hence the length of every one of them. (I bet you see that. :) )
With this flag you disagreed on the reward we get for our work. Isn't it completely regardless if twinner votes? Or someone else you eventually don't like?
With actions like this you may be harming twinner because he doesn't receive his 0.5 STU curration rewards. But we don't get our rewards either.
[Edit: Sorry if my english is all over the place. :P]

Downvote more than balanced.

you have a circle of votes from people who don't post but vote and all speak german, we can only guess what's the deal here. please stop coming to my English (international) posts.

The STEEMillu is a STEEM-based-magazine for the GERMAN COMMUNITY. Of course there are german users upvoting the STEEMillus posts. But what has anything of that to do with a click circle? We don't pay for votes, we don't beg for votes. Every vote we get is 100% voluntarily.
Our post is in german. Who do you think should vote our posts? South Korean who don't speak german and don't understand a word that is written in our posts?
We put more than one day of work in every issue. German steemians see that. They upvote. They read the STEEMillu and it's awesome, fresh and (honestly) sometimes infantile content and they did something worthy. Every article is researched.
A downvote disapproves that. I mean it's your right to use your downvotes as you please. But you also have to understand that we DON'T understand downvotes on our content. :)

Is this some kind of joke?

Not guessing my friend - the @steemillu guys provide content for the entire German community as a news magazine type. Please remove your flag - would be much appreciated. If you do not trust my message I would be very sad! Hope we might drink a beer together in real life @kingscrown

Hi @kingscrown,

another german user here. Sorry if I'm coming late to the party :smile:
I would also like to ask you kindly to remove your downvote(s) :)
Steemillu is a highly appreciated german "newspaper" so the votes are more than fair and no circle voting is going on :)


Please remove your downvote. I have removed my downvotes from all your posts in the meanwhile. Thank you

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