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This is an amazing project! We need a Steemigram commercial contest ASAP!

I'm interested in using this myself and promoting it to others, however I don't feel comfortable sharing an unsecure link.

Do you have plans to make your webpage link secure in the future? Ie HTTPS and not just HTPP?

It's planned, in a few days. Note the connection is made by Steemconnect, which is the most secured connection system on the blockchain.

Thanks for the response. I support your choice of steemconnect and I will try it out and notify my social media pages to suggest they try it also when you get the secure website up. :)

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

We'll post an update when it's done. And you may benefit of the upcoming referral program if you want.

Cool. :) I'll keep my eyes open for the update as I see this idea to be very important. If you could do the same with Facebook and other social media.. I think you'd be a hero of this blockchain.
And yeah! I might be open to the referral thingy as well. I'd like to know more though.

You will... soon. Thanks for your support.

There are already phising around ?? Is the link safe?

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Hi there, I'm the co-creator of Steemigram. No scam, no phishing, login via Steemconnect and just a posting action.
Website is not https yet, but it's a matter of days. i need to post via steemigram or need to share on instagram with #steemigram...

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