how to improve steemit success.

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One thing i notice here that new user of steemit want success just within a night and a ton of money, that should never be happened.

One of the things I also noticed is that people fail to remember this is social media. Part of it is the way some people on here promote STEEM saying post and you will make a ton of money on your first post. But it does not happened.

The key to social media is being social. I am continually amazed that people come on here and expect instant success. They either throw up a few posts, complain that the system is unfair, having big steempower user not upvoting them and then leave. Another tactic is they post off and on expecting results. Consistency is required for success on here.

That said, there are no guarantees larger accounts will even know you exist or support you. There are many of the top 1000 accounts who have no clue that I exist even though I have close to 2.2K posts. There are 50K-60K transacting on here each day. It is impossible to interact with even a small portion of those users.

Which brings me back to smaller accounts. The question is why do they not support other smaller accounts? Why not Minnows support Minnows.

If I had to guess, it is because everyone wants the instant success. Upvoting a large account a bunch of times takes very little effort and could pay off huge if it is reciprocated. Sadly, it usually is not. Hence, the new person leaves disgruntled. And blaming steem and whales.

I believe that success on STEEM requires the long-term view. This is not an overnight process. The key is developing relationships with others on here. The advantage the smaller accounts have is there are a ton of them. People often talk about the power of the Whales . They really would not have a chance if the other 900K accounts posted 3-4 times each day and used their 10 votes each day. The numbers simply get too staggering.
According to @arcange's posts few days ago, there are 153,148 accounts in the range that I am referring. Together, these accounts have more power than all the whales combined. Al whales upvotes are less in $ them if all minnows account upvote.

The problem is that they are not using it to support each other. Instead, many are giving their precious upvotes to the trending posts instead.

Perhaps it is time to alter the approach. Lets support each other , we can make a difference. But it demand patient and time is everything .

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Good information my friend @usman119. Thanks for sharing with us.


@usman119 - Some good points about being patient, and creating more minnow to minnow mutual upvoting and commenting. I think this would definitely help.

I have to admit thought, even though I am on Steemit chat and Discord, I am still struggling a little to make connections. It probably requires more time and effort on my part.

Thank you for the post!

Thank you very much.

Well said @usman119 alot of people apporach it the wrong way and expect that Steemit is like printing money - I remember when I started how hard it was when I realised some of my posts made no money at all!

It is all about being social and engaging in others work. Good luck for my competition!

Hoping to win this time

Good luck!