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As you can see in my feed, I was trying out Steepshot. Other than the app crashing on me once, it was fairly intuitive to use and did was it was supposed to. I noticed the Snapshot app silos itself, which I mean it only shows posts generated within the Steepshot ecosystem. This restriction makes it work as a direct competitor it Instagram. As is to be expected, my Steepshot posts also show up on my regular Steemit feed.

What I would like to see is an option in the Steemit app itself is allow me a way to filter select apps out of my Steemit feed. You'd have to let the filter be account selectable so that you could keep Steepshot or say Parley.io contained to their own ecosystems, but still let Busy.org posts in your feed. That way I could leave my Steemit feed for my long-form writing, but still participate in these other apps without spamming my followers. Of course, it's ultimately all in the same blockchain, but with a little more work on filters, we could make it a cleaner experience for everybody.

The filter could be could be a simple as a simple string search/regex against the app field or it could get as complicated as some type of app search feature based off of a blockchain wide list of known apps.

Let me know the comment if I missed something, or if there are refinements to my idea.

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Love the idea! Im a bit of a meme poster at times and feel not everyone appreciates this haha! Would be good to be customised this way... I feel the same at times I only follow one path of an author and not always interested in the rest

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