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Many times I heard steemians say we need to write about other cryptos in steem not steem all the time.
There is a problem there.
Talking about other cryptos and not pushing steem is a clear statement
you may not believe in it.
So I applaud all steemians pushing #steem cause we are the only group believing in it.
I feel like even if #steem is 1 cent we are 100% behind it.

I am pretty sure even we are getting that low our beliefs are strong about this blockchain.
We are in hot water and this is the whole crypto sphere going through hard time.
Today 5% is something and positive news to cherish.
14 cents a token is still a bargain.
I have read quite a few posts showing
we have less liquid steem in the market.
This is a goal that can bring appeasement
to all stake holders.

Decentralization is autonomy and at the same time
freedom to pump and dump the token.
We have to realize to get the proper return
and get steem at $5 we need to drive the token
to the hands of investors that see #steem as a mean of power.

I am glad one day #steem will not be the motion to write a post.
It will be the option to move goods from one hand to the next.
In that case the price will rise.
Your point of view will differ than mine.
Again the return we want from steem now resides on the people
that can read the long term plan of steem.


We all need to invest on people.
Get them to come in steem not to earn a living
but to earn a mean to get a living later.
Only a few can make a living earning steem now.
We need to get that and focus on stabilize the value.
It could be in the tribe token
or later SMT ways of getting the use of steem through the roof.
We need a consensus where #steem remains steem.

Owning #steem should empower steemians to see the benefit
and capabilities that come by having a token within a scale
to itself.
I called each tribe a circle and this is what we do as humans
we love to be among people we like.
Nobody like to be among strangers.
The return #steem offers now enables us to welcome strangers
and boost them to get there.
Discipline will be the key and respect
will be enforce.

My advise for all,
embrace the ones that get the apparatus of this blockchain.
Educate and keep them in place.
Many people come to steem to earn a few and leave.
With HF22, the dynamics have change and we can see
how the bad players are going bye bye pretty quick.
Not even a month.
As always we have to agree before we disagree to move forward.
This is the nugget for all of us, it does not matter your stake, to move forward and prolong
If we are waiting for outsiders to value this blockchain, we are going to wait for a long time.
Untill then, stay put.

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