Newport Beach Film Festival 2018

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Who Lives in Southern California?

Since my first introductory post, where I wrote about my life, my disease and then the Documentary I have been working on for the last 4 years, a lot has happened.

Time Well Spent Documentary, has been accepted into four film festivals thus far. Sedona International Film Festival, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, Portuguese Surf Film Festival and now Newport Beach Film Festival. I am sure it wont get much attention, but in hopes that there might be some steemians living in Southern California, I wanted to throw this post up.

If you are a steemian in Southern California, I would love nothing more then to have you come out and see my film. It is a surf adventure story that is meant to bring hope and inspiration back into peoples lives.

Shot in Panama of Declan Bradley, one of the four boys in the film

A synopsis on the film : To escape harsh upbringings and terrible backgrounds, many use sports to claim their attention and draw them away from growing darkness. For those who live along the shore, they turn to surfing, allowing the waves to wash over them and take them to new heights. In this incredible documentary, four surfers are given the trip of a lifetime to carve the legendary waves of Panama. While there, they reach out to others in need and show that the past does not define one’s future.

Our time in the Philippines distributing water Filtration systems and of course having fun too!

It's not just a surf film about the endless search for waves, although there is that aspect, but it is more about what each one of us believes about ourselves. What do we think we are worth? Has your past made you to believe your are nobody worthy of anything? This film was set out to take these four boys from difficult pasts to show them that they are not everything the world had told them they are, but they are worth so much more.

I believe the film has a strong message of hope and if you are around that area, please come on out. I am some others from the film will be there and will be around to meet after the screening!


Friday, April 27th at 5:30 p.m. @ The Triangle Cinemas #4

Monday, April 30th at 5:30 p.m. @ The Triangle Cinemas #4

Purchase your Tickets here:

Beautiful secluded beach of Peru, following the story of Yeferson Bellido, one of the four boys.

It would be such an hour if somehow someone in Souther California reads this and comes out!


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