Project background & Roadmap

in steemianmall •  10 months ago

Project Background

1. Expansion of Steemit membership - Providing services only to Steemit members through closed mall operation, thereby inducing Steemit membership

2. Activating Steemit inactive users - Provide point acquisition and purchase services for inactive users who are not familiar with posting and commenting activities.

  • Operation of product selection events, operation of product proposal activities and induction of additional activities with appropriate compensation

3. Inducing new steem investment for Steemit users - induce steem investment in case of lack of points for purchasing product - induce steem purchase of users who want to acquire SP to increase the power of upgrading in order to acquire quick points

4. Improvement of the satisfaction of Steemit users - Development of various sales products and continual addition, inducing a rise in user satisfaction by lowering the purchase price w/o changing the product quality through the steemianmall price cut module

5. Pursuit of the Fair Trading - Establishing a win-win business environment by steadily supplying high quality products to Steemians by attempting price cuts through steemianmall price cut module instead of price down pressure to suppliers

6. Monetization of cryptocurrency – Users can purchase the goods w/o exchanging their cryptocurrency which users obtained by Steemianmall upvote activity.


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