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Good morning! Steemian folks ... .

As we start our project on the Steemian Welfare Mall(Steemianmall), we are going to replace the greetings by asking a few questions as below.

1. Why did you become a Steemian?

Individual users have become steemians for their own reasons, and We think they are also doing steemian activities which they can do well for themselves.
Some people who have excellent writing skills and content production skills are using their abilities on the Steemit platform.
Some technicians develop better tools and are able to commercialize it.
Most of newbies are unable to get more SBD, since they don’t know what to do, how to do.
However, all of these series of Steemians have a common goal of making money through their own activities.
We assert that nobody can deny this grand proposition.

2. Are you a cryptocurrency expert?

Most users over dolphin grades or developers are doing their activities by based on their knowledge of cryptocurrency.
But, should you not forget that most of the steemians are not experts in cryptocurrency?
So, what are the so-called "Planktons" users who are not cryptocurrency experts or developers pursuing here in Steemit Platform?
The Steemit platform is always throwing a nice message "People can gain profits through bloggings".
Indeed! It is true that a few power bloggers are getting quite a good income from their talents.
Of course, they have earned their reputation and followers through ongoing activities on the platform, so it is well worth the rewards.
Newbies who have come across a series of these phenomena maybe get the fantasy "I can be a great blogger".
Nevertheless, for newcomers who are new to it, no matter how excellent he/she is,
their reputations of Steemit Platform are almost zero even thought they were given 25 grades reputation when they start blogging.
As an example, we have seen a blog post from a user before, "A famous photographer has posted his photo.
If it was common, people would've been enthusiastic, and they would have up-voted on the artist's photographs, but got a really bad up-vote,
then he was so disappointed and left this platform.
As such, Steemit has set the barriers to entry, like a reputation.
Should ordinary users without exceptional talent exist just as planktons which are whales feed ?
Or, is there a way to go up to the dolphin level at least through the repeated and continuous evolution?
In conclusion, it's going to be a very tough process, and it will take a lot of time too .
Most Plankton users enter here with great hope, then go up to land again and never come back due to the above reason.
This can be easily recognized through a number of analyzed steem data postings.
Steemit accounts' activity rate is only mid 40%.
Some say that it will celebrate the breakthrough of 1 million steemit users, but we have a different opinion.
The percentage of inactive accounts is also related to the growth rate of SteamTech, so we think a technical or productive approach is needed for this part.

3. What do you think about ‘abusing’?

We would like to start by saying that there was considerable hesitation in selecting this part as the topic of question.
The steemit white paper sets out the ambiguity for the abusing. This ambiguity causes constant controversy.

We think that the controversy of abusing comes from the compensation problem.
On the premise that the profit of one side (claiming that it is unfair profit activity on the other side) takes the profit of the other side.
Both sides condemn each other and do not bend their arguments.
In the end, Solution is how Steemit can supply their rewards share fairly. If the value of STEEM or SBD is zero, then this problem does not need to occur fundamentally, and
there is also no reason for Steemit's existing.
If so, who gave the value of STEEM and SBD? It is not Dan either Ned, it's from the value that every user has earned in various contributing activities.
Therefore it's a collective asset for all users!
We should never ignore the fact that many investors' investments have given STEEM and SBD great value, and that the activities of many content contributors have fueled Steemit.

It is like a chicken and egg situation, which comes earlier?
This is a same question about abusing.
Most people say that the proper distribution of compensation will solve the problem.
Is Steemit Foundation willing to fix this part through ‘hard fork’?
We do not know yet!

4. Is a person without special skills not qualified to become a steemian ?

For the ordinary people who are not competent to produce knowledge of cryptocurrency and/or are not able to write their ideas as well,
"Could they make a good job here?" Most of them came with a great dream and left here, as mentioned above,
Due to the inherent barriers of the Steemit platform, lots of newbies leave or are stuck in the ref. like a frozen fish.
Unless the Steemit shows how peoples come, breathe and survive here, it's obvious that Steemit's growth rate will be getting slow down.
It is an unexpected pity story.
Some predict that, if SMT is launched, It will lead to an explosion of users based on it like ERC-20.
But if we cannot embrace ordinary people in the general ecosystem, we think that there is huge possibility to fall into "their own league" literally.
SMT is only a tool that helps operators to publish tokens easily, even if operators do not know tokens and coin ecosystems.
Even if a business operator plans a good business and launches it, it is probably neglected by the general public, the success of the business is ….
It shouldn't be that hard for anyone to predict the consequences!!!!

5. Why is the value of the cryptocurrency so volatile?

Although it should have been said at the beginning of the article, this post is an article written from the perspective of the general public (newbies).
The issuance of a cryptocurrency is prescribed through its white paper.
It is the combination work of the angel investor's investment and the future feasibility expressed in the white paper.
To put it easily, the worth of cryptocurrency is depending on how much money was invested in seeing the growth potential and feasibility for its business plan on the WP.
This may soon be worth as much as Bitcoin but at one point, like so-called 'the Scam coin', or
its value may be zero. So, the value of each coin / token is changing tremendously through the progress of its business.
The investors who know well the ecosystem of cryptocurrency are making huge profits, since they are able to understand and analyze this volatility.
The general public can hardly make a profit in a state of sudden change, also always with psychological anxiety or illusion.
As we can see from the so-called Korean slang 'Johnber'(HODL), when confronting the downfall, the non-professional investors hold what they've got without the loss cut hoping that the upside will come rather than the selling it even if it may become worthless.
In this case, it only exists as a nominal currency in an electronic purse that only adds to the anxiety of unavailability. So those who deny the coin ecosystem
are saying that it's like 'the Ponzi scheme', which is to invest in insubstantial coins.

6. When can the cryptocurrency replace the legal currency in the market?

Coin / token investors have a strong belief that it can happen in the not-too-distant future.
We believe that this will not be easy to happen.
The issuer of the legal currency is the legitimate government or country. So, if the state power does not tolerate the cryptocurrency, this is a serious problem that cannot be solved by investors with any effort.
The state has no reason to hand over this part of the capital, which is at the heart of profits and power.
There is no system for cryptocurrency to overcome the state power in the world right now.
A series of regulatory activities have been going on around the world, such as China's "cryptocurrency exchange closed" shutdown policy. No country with some degree of financial independence will give up its financial control power.

None the less, the cryptocurrency will be used in conjunction with the legal currency in the end, which is generally expected to stay at a certain level of the total legal currency.
At present, we think that it is really great to form a market with about 10% cryptocurrencies.

Based on our comments, we are planning a series of activities in Steemit Platform.

Future postings will explain the directions and policies we want to take. We will also comment on the project roadmap.


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