GOSPACE - Expandable 5G Wireless Storage

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Expandable 5G Wireless Storage







Hunter's comment

  • GoSpace is a wireless storage product that includes wireless network storage capability through 5G WiFi and Qi standard wireless charger.

  • The SD card can be used to secure storage space and can be used as a wireless storage with a transfer speed of up to 866MB / s through 5G WiFi. In addition, when connected to PC with USB-C, USB3.1 terminal, it works as SD card reader. Inside is a built-in 5500mAh battery, which can be used as a portable charger when connected to a smartphone. And the wireless charger function that supports the Qi standard is a bonus.

  • Provides apps for Android and iOS and can connect up to 8 devices on the same WiFi


  • Expandable Storage
  • 5.5K MAH Battery
  • Sync DROPBOX
  • Sync Google Drive
  • Connect 8 Devices
  • WIFI Extender
  • 10GB/S Tansfer




Hunter: @zzings


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Supported by a team of professional engineers and designers who have extensive experience in bringing innovative products to market. GOSPACE is a pleasure to introduce a great product.


With 866mb transfer speed and can connect up to 8 devices in the same WiFi make Gospace very unusual.
this is more than a must have Gospace product. with great features and the latest innovations ensure consumers will never be disappointed to have this product.

5500mah battery makes this product more perfect. AMAZING


Nothing. It's Recommended Device 👌

Nice post @zzings

Pros :

  • It is a portable storage device
  • The device has Wifi which makes file transfer quick
  • It also have wireless charging features
  • It is priced reasonable

Cons :

  • I can't find any disadvantage for this .

Pros :

  • A great wireless external drive with some high speed streaming capabilities
  • Has a compability on WiFi which can transfer quickly and securely
  • Can support infinite expandable memory
  • Has a high speed 5G streaming
  • Can perform wireless storage and charging
  • A new revolutionary storage device that are mostly used by your portable electronics

Cons :

  • I have no Cons on this product


  • Well done
  • Easy to use and get started
  • Great overall look and feel


  • Nothing I can see so far

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1등 가즈아~~

Love it! Really cool thing this gadget, perfect for photographers as an example!

Let's hope it really has fast speed, that's what I hate most, when it says fast but then it's like in the times when you had to dial in to the internet :D


  • You can add extra storage with help of an SD card
  • It is wireless
  • you can sink it to Google Drive and others
  • Even the price is good


  • None....

Fully in love!

Such a great hunt, this could be helpful for a gamer like me who has tons of games :-)


  • Affordable price
  • Great for freelancers as it can be sync with dropbox and Google drive
  • Can be used as a charger so smartphones have extra power


  • Can't think of any

찡스님 1등 가즈아!!

My review on this hunt is :


  • Use for your peer to peer file transfer needs
  • With 5GHz Wifi capability, transfers will happen quickly and securely
    -allows you to share with 8 devices within Wi-Fi range

Cons :

Very useful. No cons on this one.

@ameriza does it mean this will work with blockchain projects like #Siacoin or #Maidsafe in their file sharing system


@zzings science and technology is going a long way with our usage of IT. What a pleasant job


  • It is a expandable wireless storage
  • It is wireless meaning you can transfer quickly and securely
  • super fast 5G streaming
  • You can sync it with google drive
  • Apps where avaible both IOs and android Devices , and you can also connect upto 8 devices on the same wifi


  • Nothing so far. No issues for this hunt

풀봇으로 1등 응원합니다!

🤗 Savage Hunt! @zzings 🤗

As you mentioned earlier, GOSPACE devices are a mix of capabilities, from wireless storage, to battery charging functions.

As we see from his project in indiegogo,

$ 237,495 USD total funds raised
1064% funded on March 16, 2018

it appears that interest in this innovation is enormous, and even financed up to more than 1,000%.

Of the various features that are owned, "10GB / s Transfer" is the best, SUPER !!!.

Nothing. It's Recommended Device 👌

I like it, how much for one of these babies?
(edit) never mind, just checked out their indiegogo page, $75 plus shipping, good stuff


  • supports wireless storage through 5G
  • works with SD cards
  • supports iOS and Android
  • syncs google drive and dropbox


  • none for this product

Have a nice holiday.

찡스님 1등 갑시다~ ㅎㅎ

안녕하세요 zzings 님, 오늘도 화이팅입니다~~ 잘 지키셨음 좋겠네요^&^


The transfer speed of up to 866MB / s is marvelous for the wireless!!
1등 가즈아!!

amazing ! :)

1등 응원할께요. 화이팅~~~ ^^

Looks like a great product for businessman or photographers, since they might need some extra storage!


  • Wireless storage is included (makes it more usable and clean, since there are no cables
  • Use of SD cards
  • Can also charge not only used as a storage


  • Only color is black

Maybe add the price on your next hunts, I think the price defines if it is the perfect product or not.

But 74$ is a real good price for what you get

I like the product due to 5G Wifi connectivity which promises excellent speeds when saving and retrieving information
• Connectivity to 5G Wifi
• Acts as a wireless charger
• Supports android and iOS devices
• It can sync to Google Drive and Dropbox
• It supports SD cards
• None


  • It has an expandable storage
  • It can be connected through wireless connection
  • It can also be synced to Dropbox which is really a nice feature
  • It has also a WIFI extender
  • It can be synced to Google Drive
  • It can connect up to 8 devices


  • No cons I can enumerate since this is really cool idea


  • Easy to use and get started
  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Amazing looking product


  • Limited target group

Cool and neat

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