Stilobrush - Clean your tongue using suction for just 10 seconds!

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Clean your tongue using suction for just 10 seconds!



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Mouth problems are composed with tooth and tongue related issues. Bad breath is one of the most common problems that we taken for granted. So how can we clean our tongue easy and fast. Here is the upcoming Stilobrush that works like a tiny vacuum cleaner to clean our tongue for just 10 sec. Watch this.

There are thousands of bacteria that is hidden in out tongue that can cause bad breath and the best way to get rid of this is a tool that can suck it all out, safer and more effective. Maybe this the best time not just to focus on our teeth but also on our tongue too. Launching soon on indiegogo.



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It helps a great deal with hygiene to clean the tongue. This is something many overlook.

People who hates brushing loves this brushes specially kids,i will surely try to get my hands on this brush as i am not a great fan of brushing

Impressive one! This will help most especially when it comes to the issues on mouth odour and disease like periodontal and dentalcaris which is very harmful to the mouth.

Thanks for sharing this on steemhunt

Every day I spend a lot 10min to clean my teeth and I am mostly late from my college timing so I really need these kinds of brush who just clean my teeth in just 10 second its really amazing features Thanks for hunt

Great hunt @zyper..!!

Nowdays people not very alert with bad breath sometimes there never knew that their mouth are smelly. There should try this...
Keep hunting..!!

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