Reasily - Auto cloud backup and sync for bookmarks

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Auto cloud backup and sync for bookmarks


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Open multiple books simultaneously as if they are different apps. You can switch between opened books and the book list with the "recent apps" button of your device.
Swipe left/right to go to next/previous chapter or page.
Table of contents is in drawer menu.
Display options: sepia/night theme, custom font, margins and line-height adjustment, text justification, popup footnote position.
Scale text size with fingers (pinch-zoom gesture).
Click image to enlarge it and show its description. Scale image with fingers.
On Android 7 and above, you can read books in float windows or split views.


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In a good option for research, having several books simultaneously to make comparisons and get a personal vision is incredible, and therefore to intrude on various points of view. Good hunting


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