3D Mannequins - Adjust and draw human and animal mannequins

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3D Mannequins

Adjust and draw human and animal mannequins



Hunter's comment

60+ Mannequins for drawing! e.g.
(1).Select body parts and adjust them how you want..
(2).Use animations for a list of natural movements and actions .
(3).Choose your background, and platform style.
(4). Adjust 4 lights including angle, color, and brightness. etc.




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I used to really enjoy this app. It was easy to pose the models and set them up how I wanted for drawing. However, on my new phone its barely functional. When I try to place in wings, the buttons for moving the models, and camera, are simply not there and I cant pose them.

I love this app. I spend hours making stuff and it is really fun too use,but can you add a bigger platform,buildings,trees and more animals and can you also add more humans and items

With 3D Mannequins software we can easily create, adjust and draw human and animal mannequins.

Wow, that is great. You can designed mannequins of your choice.Nice share.

Very nice post in which not only humans as well as animals are also just like statue...

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