Seed - A Smart Vacuum Bottle

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A Smart Vacuum Bottle



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Drinking enough water is very important for our health. We track our daily activities and body weight but we don't have a device that records our water intake. Now its chaged by "Seed" offers by Moikit team. Seed is a smart bottle elegant and portable that track your water intake. Its reminds you when you forget to drinks water. Seed can measure water temperature with just one touch.

Another features.

  1. Water storage time.
  2. Water temperature.
  3. Water purity.
  4. Warning alert for unfit water.
  5. Consume little power.
  6. Approximate working: 1 year



Hunter: @zohaib336

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Hi, @zohaib336 you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • Of course drinking water is one of most important that we need for our daily life, but it is not just to drink a water we need a clear, and clean water to drink.
  • It's look like the Seed is a very smart vacuum bottle and very portable they can track how much water can take.
  • One of the best features of this bottle it's can also reminds you when you forgot to drink water.

Great hunt! ☺☺

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A smart bottle that tracks quality of drink and remind you to have enough water. Great product, certainly useful!

This is undoubtedly a great bottle that offers us the possibility of controlling the water consumption of our day to day, in addition to purifying the water so that it is completely filtered and ready to drink. I really like the beautiful design of this bottle and the fact that we can also control the temperature of the liquids that we place inside.

Well done.

This is cool. Water is quite important for overall well being of humans and there are recommended volumes we are supposed to be taking daily, other factors being constant. With seed, one will not need to worry much. Quite some hunts you got here.


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