Iwind - World's first ever active cycling filter

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World's first ever active cycling filter



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Iwind is a stylish and safe air filtratiin system. It filters the pollution and gives you the safe and fresh air to breath. You can easily attach it with your helmet.

The essence of Iwind is optimum comfort and maximum efficiency. It sucks in the impure air around you, purifies it, and supplies fresh air back to the nose cone through the air duct.





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Very innovative product. I still think it is the kind of device you need to try on before deciding to buy. They have been developing the product for a long time.

Such an amazing filter. We need such filter in highly polluted area and the era of covid-19 pandemics. Thanks for sharing. By the way what is the price of iwind?

Getting clean and filter air is good to have while cycling

It might be the angle of the picture but it doesn't look like the mask completely covers the man's nose. To really protect yourself you need all the air you receive to be filtered not just some of it.

Cycling filter is nice concept for clean air and good one. Great hunt

Cycling filter
Is nice concept for clean air
And good one. Great hunt

                 - reeta0119

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Mostly air purifier mask work when in contact with the skin. Iwind seens quite unique due to work in a different way without touching the skin. I am sure it will make breathing more comfortable.

It's goof for those who are preparing for marathon or any other cycling competition.

That would be a great choice to use this filter while going outside for cycling and other workouts in this situation to give us fresh and clean air nice find

Great hunt dear friend
This is very awesome and innovative devuce that can keep us safe from pollutant air and we can live a healthier life.
Thanks for sharing with us.

What a great and amazing hunt. It is very helpful product for us. Fresh air you from many bad diseases. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

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