CareVision - Emotionally Intelligent Home Camera

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Emotionally Intelligent Home Camera



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CareVision is an intelligent camera that makes protection and taking care of your loved one's more easy by using artificial intelligence. It creates emotional bonding with all whom you care and needs you attention.


CareVision has specialized hardware and accelerated Computer Vision Logic so it can do things like tell a person from a thing and even recognize individual faces.


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Really cool hunt. I love the idea of a health companion, especially for kids and older people.

Awesome Hunt dear. This surveillance camera is equipped with outclass features to keep an eye on home as safety precautions.

It can be of great help for parents. Thanks for sharing this fabulous hunt!

Good and interesting find. This camera help us to check our health.

ahaan, It looks like a great product for parents who always care for their kids and family.

A nice device for home with great sound quality which also adds as a doorbell camera. Camera quality looks good and you can monitor who is on your door step where ever you are. Nice hunt

This is really need of home security

Wow! It's not only recording what is going on but recognising faces (including the faces of strangers). I can see schools using this as well as parents for their home, in order to keep everyone safe.

Wow. This is very much smart which can breathe face and as its artificial intelligence based a can do a lot. Very good hunting


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