AKG K7XX Headphones - Affordable Audiophile Reference Headphones

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AKG K7XX Headphones

Affordable Audiophile Reference Headphones








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In collaboration with Massdrop, the AKG K7XX one of the best 'bang-for-your-buck' audiophile headphones. Based on the AKG K702 65th-anniversary edition which costed around $500, which featured individually matched drivers (that sound great btw), and comfortable velour ear cushions. This rendition has it's price significantly dropped to $200. Retaining almost all of the original K702's features.

The K7XX boasts a wider sound stage as a result of it's open back design, giving you the feeling of a concert hall when listening to Adele.

The drivers are individually tested and matched so the quality of your listening experience will certainly mirror the studio recording (if paired with a proper DAC and high bit-rate formats).

And if you plan on listening for hours on end while sitting on your La-Z-Boy. These velour lined ear cushions are so comfy it's a pleasure to wear this all day.

Pop a microphone on you headset (like the ModMic 5) then your good to grind leaderboards in games, or you can just sit back, relax and experience the soundtracks.

Being open-back headphones come with a price though, literally. $200 is still a steep price for a pair of good cans.

Plus the lack of isolation means that commuting with this on is just straight up annoying for your seatmate (unless they too are into what your listening).

The K7XX is one hella pair of cans that, for it's quality, is very affordable and is a great start for those who dreams to produce music, or to just casually listen to music

photos are from massdrop




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  • they are big and comfy
  • the ear cup is big enough to fit your ear inside


  • nothing

I'd love to test them!

I'll rate it 5/5 stars!


(All of the above is just my opinion about this product)

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