'SMART-GLOVE' Touchscreen Glo - Keep hands safe and warm when using your touchscreen device

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'SMART-GLOVE' Touchscreen Glo

Keep hands safe and warm when using your touchscreen device



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The 'SMART-GLOVE' Touchscreen Glo allows you to use your touchscreen device out in the cold and will keep your fingers nice and warm.

The tips of the gloves are made from a conductive material and so your device will not suffer from scratches but allow you to use the touchscreen without the need to remove the gloves.


  • Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone
  • Won't scratch or damage your screen
  • Reshape whilst damp and wash only in cool water
  • The Smart Glove's fingertips are interwoven with a special conductive material, allowing the wearer to use touchscreen devices
  • Made with U3 technology for outstanding ergonomic comfort
  • Sensitive, accurate, with a self-ventilating weave
  • Accurate sizing 7 - 11




Hunter: @zapncrap


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Hi @zapncrap- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

Please specifically look at Guidelines 7. Post “Cool” Products

Gloves with fingertips made specially for mobile phones have been out for a long time now. There's nothing super innovative here.

Here is a helpful Guidelines Infographic
Please visit our Discord Server and the channel #moderation-appeal if you wish to discuss this decision.

Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback.

hm I think this Glove would be popular in some Norther countries like Canada and Scandinavia.

My buddy in the UK has a pair and he swears by them :D

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