seazet - World's most technically advanced motorised surfboard

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World's most technically advanced motorised surfboard


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Hunter's comment

This is a breakthrough product that allows you to enjoy surfing in the sea or lake without winds and waves. This is because a specially designed engine is installed in the board

This can easily be carried anywhere.It weighs about 14.7 kg.

"Seazet is small and light enough to be transported by car,boat,train and aeroplane so that you can enjoy your Seazet board while traveling throughout the world."

  • powered by a Li-ion 5Ah battery
  • requires approximately 45 minutes to charge fully.
  • maximum speeds of 59km/h



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  • Very handy surfboard
  • Can be carried wherever and weights 14.7kg
  • It has a Li-ion 5Ah battery and can be charged approximately 45 minutes
  • Cool is it speeds up to 59km/hr


  • I bet it is expensive

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Pros :

  • This product is a must for me when going to beach in summer
  • The surfboard has an engine and it runs automatically.
  • It's light in weight so you can carry it anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery for easy charging and use

Cons :

  • I want to buy this product, there is no bad point

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