X1 Watch - The World's 1st Smart Watch Capable of Video Calls

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X1 Watch

The World's 1st Smart Watch Capable of Video Calls



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Hunter's comment

X1 Watch is really the World’s Most Advanced Smart Watch. It comes with a whole lot of cool features. You can call, text, stream, record and make video calls with apps like Skype and messenger.

And it's also waterproof which means you need not worry about the weather conditions or when you are in contact with water/rain.
Nevertheless when it comes to sports you could count on this smart watch to keep track of the calories you burn and the amount of food you need to eat and most importantly your heart rate.

And when I thought that was all I found out it has other very cool features like it supports cool apps like Netflix,YouTube,MoviePass which serve different purposes to make entertainment top notch on this smart watch.

Also considering entertainment there are other apps like Amazon, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Napster which makes it much more comfortable and keeps you updated on the latest music's and movies.

Watch this video below




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cool hunt @yhaulez
find your post innovative and gave you a 100% upvote.


  • First smart watch with video call feature.
  • It is waterproof
  • It supports the installation of android app.


  • Non for this app

I rate it


Technology is really taking us by surprise. Who would have thought that wristwatch would make call many years back not to talk of video call. This is an amazing invention. Nice hunt.

WOW! This is really cool...Owning this smartwatch would make me feel like James Bond.


I want one for me ... it would be great. I imagine it is expensive.

It is a truly functional and versatile wrist watch. I think everybody can recommend it. It is a little expensive though. For this reason, I can not. But I can think of buying it soon if it's cheap. Thank you. Nice hunt. Congratulations.


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