Rutamb - The Rugby and Football Tackle Machine

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The Rugby and Football Tackle Machine



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Rutamp helps rugby and football players to practice tackles in realistic and safe environment.
This machine combines safety and realism to provide the best training grounds for rugby and football players to test and in practicing THIER tackles.
It's known one of the greatest mistakes which have been happening in rugby and football matches are missing tackles. With this technology players could actually develop their abilities to tackle other players and in safe conditions.

Is the number of missed tackles in rugby and football too high? While the answer of this question is relative, we provide a solution that can definitely decrease the rate of missed tackles.
With the new Tackle Machine – Rutamb every player has the chance to exercise his tackling skills against a fast and maneuverable dummy which goes in realistic speed and in realistic but unpredictable trajectory which imitates the famous sidestepping move.



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