Plutocracy - A Game which imerses you into the world of billionaires

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A Game which imerses you into the world of billionaires



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Hunter's comment

This game would show you how influential money and how politics really works.
You would start off from the scratch.
Gradually you grow into a billionaire.
As your reputation and wealth increases so does your responsibility from the workers of your company to a whole country depending on you and the cool part is knowing how they make it to the top.

You would be involved in so many politics were you have to choose either to do right or do wrong and in some situations doing right don't get you up there so you have to play dirty at times.

That's why this game is developed to show you how they got to be billioniares and millionaires of our time.

In this game a player can immerse himself in the real world of capitalists with all the vicissitudes and intrigues as well as feel how the player's decisions change the economies of countries where politicians become his puppets. Every law or official decree has an end customer!



Hunter: @yhaulez

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Thanks. Sure I would

cool. this funny game will teach us the real politics. dirty moves. heartless decisions. fine. I'm going to play it. thank you for the initial steps to make me as a politician. :D nice hunt.

You welcome

It sounds funny that game :)

I know right

The graphism are pretty cool...