EnerJuice Powerbank - Generate power to charge your phone from every movement

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EnerJuice Powerbank

Generate power to charge your phone from every movement



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EnerJuice Powerbank is a magnificent product which generates power at any time without looking for a power source to charge it.
It generates power to charge a phone simply by your movements which includes shaking, walking, running, jumping etc.

From the analysis it's known a min shake of the Powerbank could provide enough power to charge a smartphone which would last over 20mins or 2mins call. At this rate you need not worry cause no matter the worst situations/power failure you have a back up which does not require power to charge just shake and charge your devices.

EnerJuice, the best kinetic powerbank
EnerJuice has considerably increased the power production compared to other standard kinetic devices. This is because standard kinetic chargers use the weight of the magnets to generate energy. EnerJuice instead uses the weight of the battery togheter with the weight of the magnets to generate more power.




Hunter: @yhaulez


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If that rate is accurate, this device would be amazing especially for the people that are walking and running a lot throughout the day. I love that it's a self-sustainable device, you buy it, and it pays for itself.

Keep on hunting.

hehe, cute idea. I probably would buy it, but 1000$ is just huge investment

While we are talking about you never to worry about a power source or electricity to charge your phone and the power bank itself. Just from movements you get the power bank powered up to charge your smartphone cameras etc.
1000$ won't be a big deal to get such a lifetime tech.

will it really last for a lifetime? The battery will die in couple of years and there has to be a way to change it

Mehn 😕😕. It is a life time product.
Based on how you use it. The battery won't die that for sure.
If you go around hitting it up and down it would obviously damage. If you use it properly it would last a lifetime.

The device itself can be lifetime, but batteries have life cycles - you can charge them certain amount of times until it can't hold any more charge.

I know right that might come in as a con. But it's an expected con.

I know right that might
Come in as a con. But it's
An expected con.

                 - yhaulez

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That's what i meant :) 1K for a 1-2 year battery is little bit too much.
They should resell changeable batteries for it, that would be great.

Well it's not like any battery... The power bank uses the weight of the battery togheter with the weight of the magnets to generate more power.
So you don't expect it to fail or the battery to get weak easily. Would take over 6yrs before such happens.
Be rest assured it would have a changeable.


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I like it .. I can take it to the mountain to stay in tent or stay on an island and I would not have to worry about electricity for the charger. :)