Cool Dog - Customizable safety for your dog

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Cool Dog

Customizable safety for your dog



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Hunter's comment

Cool dog is a product which would solve one worldwide issue of dogs being involved in an accident due to the drivers not seeing them in time or other reasons.
While apart from it solving that it keeps your dog safe and also it's the most comfortable dog collar and it's extremely customizable with an Led light.

Cool Dog combines a high quality dog harness with a super bright LED panel. No more problems at night, thanks to Cool-Dog and a visibility from up to 100m (320+ft) away.
Car-driver, pedestrians and cyclists will always be able to see your dog in time and your dog is safe.

The best part is it comes with an extra soft strap on the neck which makes it so comfortable for your dog and it's also waterproof.
Cool dog guarantees that no matter how the dog plays it can't harm the harness or the Led. So you are safe and the dog is also safe.

What is to be visible on the led is totally customizable with the cool dogs software which supports both windows and mac.



Hunter: @yhaulez

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Hi @yhaulez,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thank you for this product. Its for every people who love animals and the soft neck trap provides comfortability to the dog.

This will reduce the rate at which we loose our beloved pets to accidents ... Great hunt here. Dear hunter

Great hunt dear bro
Most of the peoples are animals lover but they lose them in an accident and the product is for those peoples I think who wanted to keep your animals save and i really like it and price of this thing is also cheap

Yai. It's really gonna keeping your dogs safe.

Hey, @michealkey you found the cool product for dogs you can easily search your dog from far away product support cool led display which is visible form 100 meters that's great

This hunt is excellent. how many accidents can be avoided with cool dog. I have 2 dogs I will buy this for your safety

I know right. For sure it's going to help...

This will bring to the end of untimely death of dogs. I will only advice the dogs owners to get this so as to monitor their dogs and as well prevent them from bein knock down by motorists


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