Bibo Barmaid - Delicious Cocktails in 20 Seconds!

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Bibo Barmaid

Delicious Cocktails in 20 Seconds!



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Hunter's comment

Bibo Barmaid is a machine that prepares great cocktails in 20 seconds that you would have spent alot at the restaurant or bar but at lower cost at your home and at your convenience.

The 3-way system, (the appliance, the liquor and mixer pouches), empowers consumers to enjoy the entertainment and ease of use bestowed by the Bibo, a self-serve bartender -whether at home or in a hotel, a private jet or stadium box. Featured on ABC News, CBS, ASOTV and voted as one of the Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets of the Future by Architectural Digest, Bibo is positioned to be a true category disruptor!

Well it's very easy to make a cocktail with this machine and under 20seconds.



Hunter: @yhaulez

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A 20 second cocktail maker sound amazing to me. With this, family can enjoy nice cocktail at home without waiting for a party to enjoy it.. Great technology!

Great hunting, it's great to have cocktails in just 20 seconds, the wish of all of you very lucky

I know right. It's a great product


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