Spark Now - Ignite the passion in your Relationship

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Spark Now

Ignite the passion in your Relationship



Hunter's comment

Spark Now is a specially designed application for couples and spouse that enables them share their share personalized reminders and automated texts based on individual relationship needs to spark up the relationship.
The application places reminders in different categories such as date night, intimacy et al and when you complete a task you get rewards on the Application.
When you receive reminders you can either swipe left or right to complete or snooze. If you swipe for snooze, the reminder would snooze for 4hours and pop up again and of you swipe to complete you'd be given a reward for completion. Spark Now is the ideal Application that helps couples reignite their spark and sustain it. Spark Now is available both on Android and IOS platforms.


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sorry, we appear to already have this!

you should always search for the words of the app rather than relying on the url field not to flag up that we have the link. i've delisted this.

This is a wonderful app for relationships. There are some important dates in every relationship that must not be forgotten. But with the help of this app, those dates will always be remembered


Yes it is, the application is very much helpful for those of us who due to work stress from professional workplace tend to sub consciously and unconsciously forget certain important things in our relationships like date nights etc and for those people also that tend to forget the little things that matters the most in relationships. This application is a life saver and a relationship saver as it helps us keep the spark alive and shining bright in our relationships