Super Powered wheelchair - a remote controlled wheelchair that can climb on stairs

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Super Powered wheelchair

a remote controlled wheelchair that can climb on stairs



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this wheelchair is so useful and packed with so many functions such as

  • night light for visibility at night
  • touch display for easy control
  • climb up and down a staircase
  • the motors can make a halt at any angle and can stop halfway on a staircase


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Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect product for special peoples. This wheelchair helps for disabled peoples life become easy. Many features of this wheelchair. It is also light weight. Lighting feature is very important. Disabled peoples going any time anywhere. You can control this wheelchair with your cell phone. High quality motor attached. Really very cool hunt. Hopefully price is also affordable. Peoples easily purchase it. Thanks for sharing.

This is a multi functional wheelchair that can climb step makes it super cool, no need to pester someone to come take whosoever on the wheelchair down the stairs, even at night, great hunt @xplore

Climbing the stairs have always been a challenge for the lame.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all about how to help the helpless.

Super Powered Wheelchair is a gift for special people. who deserve comfort in life. Wheelchair is easy to operate. Thanks to light it can be operated in dark. The best thing about this wheel chair is that it can climb stairs. great hunt


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