Phantom Limb - a 3d printed prosthetic hand that consist of a drone

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Phantom Limb

a 3d printed prosthetic hand that consist of a drone



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the phantom hand is a 3d printed prosthetic hand . the hand is so advanced and cool as it has a panel on the shoulder for holding and charging small items .
it has a display that can show phone notifications via bluetooth .
it has a quadcopter that is housed in the arm and can be controlled by a one handed controller and also includes a first person view google.


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Hi @xplore,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I want to take off my limb and leave it in a room, and people will recognize it and know that belongs to me.

Adding a personal stamp to the artificial limbs sounds crazy idea. Not sure, if this will be affordable to many. The project link ( ) goes to another site , so not sure, if this product is really being continued or not.

AI AI AI! This is unbelievably incredible!

how cool is this ! We are going to have real life terminators very soon :)

In the future I am sure we will see these become more "smart" with added connectivity and the ability to do many things - I look forward to where this might lead us!

Its amazing features attract more attention of people. Actually it feels as we r terminating gradually to new era...i think it is not going to affordable for many but its an interesting hunt for adventurous people.


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