fishingmaster - a drone that can be used for fishing

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a drone that can be used for fishing



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this is a fishing drone equiped with enough gears to make fishing easier, it consist of a hook that can be casted over the length of 1000meters. its is wind resistant as it can stand up to 30mph of wind. it has an 18hours battery life


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it will be good if you also find a video of these kind of product. So we can see in action.
Because even it looks cool now all that i can imagine is that the fish is on the hook and it go deeper and deeper and once you can see your drone under the water😂
I know sometimes there is no video about the product but if there is than better to include it in your post so it will be much better😉

can you please fix the low quality images on this post please before i can continue. thank you.

I just bought it for fishing. Flew it in 20mph problem. The users manual is pretty cheesy for the price of this drone, cannot figure out course lock or home lock. I have been taking out some big baits, no problem at all but it does burn through the batteries faster. Got mine with the DJI iosd, I use it to monitor battery level. The battery level on the controller always seems to read half no matter what. I hope Ideafly reads this so I can get a little support.

I think this is pretty smart. When you fish from the beach or surf fishing you need to cast past the breakers. Getting your hook and line past this is where you are going to catch the fish. Fishing just got a whole lot more fun and just maybe more will start fishing now. This is something I would want to use. Thanks for finding this.

damn, this is out of the box
why no one not give any upvote :face_palm:

You see one of the reasons that i dont hunt now or maybe anymore. Even you hunt a really cool product but sometimes the useless stuff get a dozens of votes ( i dont understand how ) and the good ones are even not in the top 100😉
Few days ago i find a innovation. The aircon that dont need electricity. And the toilett and some useless games was in the 100 and me not😂 Life is not fair😂

first - IES push ifl to upvote earlier or they will be fired.
second - the gangs still there, helping each other so the ranking board is filled by them earlier, and ofcourse the crowd will upvote it.
third - the hunts now are always more than 200, so it's hard to get top 100. It lead someone to "cheat".

But,,,, as far as i know, Steemhunt still far better than when it started, even they still need more rules. But again, let the team focus on IEO token listing on exchange first :thumbsup:

Yeah many new accounts i saw in the past weeks. And now i know is harder also for moderators. But sad and truth that also the influencers sometimes upvote those posts that are less valluable. But that is just my own opinion😊
Respect for those who are makeing it good way. Also the votes are going mostly to the top posts because of the curration hunters.
Me even now i dont hunt or i dont planing to hunt but if i vote i check the product if it deserve it. If not my like i dont even care if it is in the first place or not.
Just wrote my thoughts 😉
Yes that is anyway true that is better than before. And yeah hope they will list it. I already collect some that is not much but still quiet enought😊

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thanks for the changes. verified.

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Using drone for fishing is very innovative. It contains camera, right? Or how could we be able to get fish from far?
Innovative hunt.


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