CaptoGlove - Motion controller glove for gaming,VR,AR,smartphones and PCs

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Motion controller glove for gaming,VR,AR,smartphones and PCs



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Hunter's comment

CaptoGlove is a smart glove that uses just simple hand gestures to control games and devices wirelessly.
It works wirelessly by pairing with with a smartphone or PC via it's application.
CaptoGlove provides flexibility for games and is compatible with all PC games and any smartphone games that supports game pad controller.
It also has touch screen features and can even control drones.

Check it out on Kickstarter
A pair of CaptoGlove : $490
Single Glove : $250
CaptoGlove sensor : $190



Hunter: @xplore

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Love the idea to control my drone via hand gestures, would make it easier and look like sorcery :D Amazing hunt @xplore

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day

Great Hunt, Hunter.


  • I like these gloves because they are versatile & compatible with many major headsets.
  • They work for iOS and Android devices & compatible with variety of different applications.
  • They also work as a controller for virtual reality games which is nice plus point.
  • Very easy to set and simple to use.


  • Expensive but overall a very unique and useful product.

There are two price options and one sensor price. I think the prices are suitable. Designed to control games and devices wirelessly, this glove makes it easy to do a lot of work. Nice and useful product. Thank you.

It is a very cool product. It can act as a VR controller and play VR games. It looks cooler than using a stupid game console. With this gloves, you can be more convenient to play games.


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Great Hunt

It is really smart and interesting . I would love to play games with it .


  • Prevents the symptoms of degenerative diseases.
  • Portable device multifunction.
  • Maximum Privacy.
  • Canceled to each holder of the coin


  • Any

This is a next generation technology where just by simple hand gestures game can be played and the best part is that it functions wireless, so it would give a true sense of what it name says.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.


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